Saturday, May 25, 2019

Ready To Kill Jews

I’m on the verge of killing Jews
They are dying with every word
And with every single world I will make them believe
That they will feel my hatred on their feet
I’m finding the words now the kikes will never get away
Jews come undone oh yes they will
To think of all the times I wasted on Jews
With every word I will say something sweet
Now the Jews will taste the blood between their teeth
As I’m finding my words, the kikes will never get away

Well I’m ready to start killing
Oh I’m ready, so don’t stop the killing
I’m ready so don’t stop the stabbing
I’m ready so don’t stop the killing, never stop the killing

I am aware I’ve been misled by Jews
So I have disconnected my head and heart
Jews won’t recognize when things go bad
All the things that I will accept
I have awoken to find out
It’s four o’clock in the morning and I start the stabbings
I take out the same guns I killed with yesterday
Even though society says that they want to change
So I wash away their lives with every individual kill
Their lives were dirty so I have to end it
I take the knife to their throats
Now there is blood on the streets
I take my caffeine to my blood stream
I grip the hands of the gun and then I realize
Human lives have become a pathetic rap song
So I have to kill them

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