Friday, May 31, 2019

Racism Row in India as Beauty Pageant Finalists Lack “Diversity”

Not too long ago I covered the fact that the three major beauty pageant winners in the US are currently black women.
While these women all have African heritage, dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair, their victories are considered to be a big win for “diversity,” which really just means less White people.
However, in India when beauty pageant finalists all have similar complexion, hair, and eyes, they are said to be sorely lacking in “diversity.”
…instead of being able to enjoy their success, they have found themselves at the centre of a storm over a photo collage which, critics say, suggests the organisers are obsessed with fair skin. (BBC News)
One Twitter user wrote:
They all have the same hair, and the same skin colour, and I’m going to hazard a guess that their heights and vital stats will also be similar.
I guess the definition of “diversity” in a non-White country can be expanded to mean less fair-skinned people, since all of the “women of color” pictured above would be considered as shining examples of “diversity” if they were to win contests in White countries.
Many women in India seek out ways to lighten their skin color, as fair skin is seen by most as being more beautiful.
The beauty pageant finalists have been compared to “Fair and Lovely” advertisements, which appear to suggest that the lighter your skin, the happier you will be.
This could be due to their history with a caste system, as well as objective and subjective beauty standards. Regardless, these women have not been indoctrinated from an early age that “black is beautiful” and that White is plain and boring, though it seems that they may soon be hearing more and more about “fair skinned privilege.”
Here in America, many Black women will avoid going out in the sun too much so that they do not get too dark, and will wear artificial hair or just straighten it to appear to have more European features.
On the flip side, White women are taught to hate their White features, so many will use tanning beds or tanning spray to get darker, and dress and act like hoodrats or latinas, so as to be “cool” and “spicy.” The insanity can sometimes be overwhelming.
Rachel Dolezal was a NAACP leader before her Whiteness was discovered.
Being “diverse” in America confers special privileges, which is why some guys are getting in on the act too.
Shaun King is a leader in “Black Lives Matter” and likely still pretends to be African.
Not only will being a White in America hinder your chances of winning a beauty contest these days, it will also make it much harder to get into the college of your choice. The recent college admissions scandal revealed that wealthy parents were being instructed to lie about the race of their children on applications so that they had a better chance of getting in, which clearly shows that affirmative action and diversity quotas are literally discrimination against White people.
The wealthy families involved in the college admissions scandal were advised to have their students falsely claim to be racial minorities on their applications to boost their chances of getting into top colleges, The Wall Street Journal reported. William “Rick” Singer, the man behind the scheme, reportedly told parents that not having their students lie about their race would put them at a “competitive disadvantage” in the admissions process. (Business Insider)
The real kicker here is that when our enemies speak of “diversity” what they really mean is that they want many different shades of brown and black features – eyes, hair, and skin. It is truly the White race that represents real diversity, with many different vibrant colors of eyes, hair, and skin (including freckled). Our enemies consider it a win for “diversity” when these traits are race-mixed out of existence, which is what happened long ago in India.
The only way to really celebrate diversity is to protect it by allowing the different races and ethnicities to live amongst themselves, judge themselves by their own beauty standards, and pass down their traditions and genetics to future generations.

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