Monday, May 6, 2019

Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss America Are All Black Women Now

In case you were unaware, Black is beautiful! You hear it all the time on the mainstream media, you see it in the advertisements, and now you know it must be true since impartial judges have named 3 Black women to be the representatives of beauty in America. Chelsie Kryst is now Miss USA, Kaliegh Garris is Miss Teen USA, and Nia Franklin is Miss America. There couldn’t possibly be an agenda here, right?
This is just the latest example of “affirmative action” being applied all over our society, where being a non-White earns someone extra points. It is “racist” to choose a White woman over a Black woman, so from now on, White women will be lucky to even get second or third place in national beauty contests. Black people are only around 13% of the population, but due to historic injustices at the hands of White racists, they need to be over-represented as beauty queens, because Black is beautiful, even if you bigots don’t agree!
Back when many beauty contests first entered the scene in America, Black women were actually barred from entry. When they were allowed to compete, they often did not do all that well. It could be argued that it’s just because White people were just judging the contestants by White beauty standards, but I would bet that Black men honestly judging the contests would have also favored the White women over their own. It was not until Vanessa Williams was crowned Miss America in 1983 that a Black woman finally one a major beauty contest, with more successes to follow.
However, Vanessa and many other winners (like Kryst and Garris today) are not actually that Black, now are they? They are mulattoes. They have a large percentage of what appears to be White genetics. This allows them to be more presentable and acceptable to a society where White beauty standards still exist to some extent. It’s why women like Halle Berry and Mariah Carey were trotted around as sexy “women of color” while I was growing up. They seem more attractive to the average American man than a woman who has very kinky hair and coal-black skin.
So what’s the agenda here? First off, Black is beautiful, don’t ya know!? Secondly, for a long time the focus was to get White women to mate with Black men, and now that this has been happening for a while, they are pushing hard to have more White men shack up with Black women; I see it happening a lot now. Thirdly, they want to bring White women down a peg or two, convincing them that they are plain and uninteresting with their lily White features; they are not exotic, like the Africans in their leopard prints!
Beauty contests are certainly not about finding who is the most attractive and articulate of the bunch, but about pushing agendas. For example, a few years ago Miss Japan was a half-black woman, thanks to a jewess.
Trump has obviously played a big part in furthering agendas in beauty contests, like when he allowed a male tranny to compete as a woman in his Miss Universe competition.
In my opinion, it is not fair to hold different races to the same beauty standards. Let them compete separately.
Or how about we just do away with these stupid contests?

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