Sunday, May 5, 2019

Jewish Youtube Bans Anti-Pedophile Activist While Allowing Pedo-Promoters to Run Wild

Stephen Dure (aka Stevie Trap) is an anti-pedophile activist from Southampton, England. Given that the police only seem to protect child rapists and sex slavers (aka grooming gangs), it has been up to people like Mr. Dure to take action and confront this problem.
Mr. Dure would pose as children on the internet and then trap the sex offenders when they went to meet up in real life, much like the TV show To Catch a Predator. Mr. Dure would then make citizens arrests after confronting the people who would show up to rape children, posting the videos to Youtube and Facebook. He was even featured on a BBC Inside Out show in 2017.
This past April Youtube deleted Mr. Dure’s account, but then reinstated it, claiming they had made a mistake. Mr. Dure said that his channel had actually been deleted and reinstated three times prior. He now has a lifetime ban from ever owning or using a Youtube account. Youtube claims he was terminated for “multiple or severe violations” of policies against bullying and harassment.
I don’t know what YouTube’s problem is but I’m actually disgusted by the way they’re treating me.”
It appears that the justification given for Mr. Dure’s banning has to do with “false allegations” he made against a suspected child predator. This past September Mr. Dure was jailed for 15 weeks after he accused a man of grooming teenagers. I personally would not be surprised if Mr. Dure was set up so that there would be an excuse to take him down, or if the “victim” in this was just a well-connected victimizer. The man who was accused of grooming said that he was fired and his home was attacked.
Mr. Dure plans to set up his own website where he will continue doing his honorable work.
It appears to me that Youtube has a vested interest in protecting pedophiles from exposure, and actually promoting their “sexual orientation.” There are many videos that can stay up on Youtube from pedo apologists, such as this TedX talk.
We have also covered many stories about Youtube allowing for pedophiles to thrive on the platform.
Is Youtube’s mission to corrupt the minds of the youth and make it easier for predators to find their victims?

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