Sunday, May 26, 2019

It's Over

Your tears run down like knives on your face
Am I to blame or is it you?
All the words you never meant to say come out
Now you are ashamed
It makes no sense to play games
For I did all that I could do

Now we are over, but why must it be over?
You had the chance to save us
But now it is all over, it must be over
I wish that you would take it back
But now we are over

I lost myself in all of those nights
Losing sense of rights and wrongs
I tried and I died
I shake from the pain that comes from my head
I desire just to crawl into my hole
And throw away my useless life
But I must now let you die

As I am falling apart
I say to you that this won’t last forever
You have broken my heart
To tell me that we will never be together
We could have been each other’s forever

It is over
Until I take you back again
It is over
Unless I let you break me

Now it is over

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