Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Israel’s Ambassador to UN Demands Criminalization of ‘Anti-Semitism’

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon spoke to reporters on Monday, telling them that any kind of anti-Semitism, by anyone in the world, must be criminalized or else it will lead to more violence. In case you are unaware, any criticism of jews or Israel whatsoever is considered anti-Semitism by these psychopathic jewish supremacists.
The time for talking and having a conversation is over. What Israel and the Jewish community around the world demand is action – and now.”
jewish supremacists do not believe in “free speech” and are working tirelessly to further eliminate the rights of “goyim” in parts of the world where jews still can be criticized, especially the United States, which still has the vestiges of the First Amendment. Danon states that people who speak negatively about jews “must be punished. Whether it is here at the UN [or by] political leaders, editors, policy pundits or college professors, it does not matter.”
Antisemitism should have no place in our society. Until it becomes criminal, this bigotry will persist; it will fester. It is only a matter of time until it erupts again in violence and bloodshed.”
Danon then went on to cite shooting hoaxes orchestrated by jewish supremacists, likely involving the Mossad, which has a motto of “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Wage War.”
From the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh to the Chabad synagogue in Poway California, antisemitism is no longer a fringe bigotry in the US. Then, as now, all the right people are saying all the right things. They express their sympathies and call for an end to this violence and bigotry.”
jewish supremacists realize that the “goyim” now know about their criminal conspiracy and they are freaked out. The internet has allowed for many people to connect the dots and see who is really behind the “New World Order” plot against us all, and so now jews are frantically trying to put the cat back in the bag.
Danon is upset that the 1st and 2nd amendments of the United States likely won’t be obliterated after this most recent hoax.
It seems that we have learned nothing from the Pittsburgh attack, and we are likely to continue to do nothing following the attack in San Diego.”
Danon also kvetched about the “anti-Semitic” (aka true) cartoon that was published in the Jew York Times.
[it] could have been taken from the pages of Der Stürmer, the Nazi propaganda paper.”
Really, Danon? We don’t call it the Jew York Times for nothing.
Danon says that such cartoons will inevitably lead to jews being killed.
And yet, these actions have gone unpunished. I have not seen the NYT [hold] anyone accountable for this horrible cartoon. When you have pictures, cartoons, words [and] demonstrations, it leads to violence and shootings.”
Perhaps we should talk about the fact that jews constantly use their mass media dominance to ruthlessly attack the White race, inciting violence at every turn, and how this leads to violence and shootings. They are committing White genocide and it is so damn easy to prove, which is why they want us shut down.
jewish privilege sure is incredible! They can say and do whatever they want to us, but we cannot so much as point out the facts about them without being incarcerated criminals. This is already the case in many countries and it’s quickly becoming a reality in the remaining places where we can still speak somewhat freely. If you cannot say certain words or even draw certain cartoons, then you are not free, but enslaved, and jews are the masters holding the whip.
We know what happened in Eastern Europe when the jewish Bolsheviks had their bloody revolution and made anti-Semitism a crime punishable by death in the Soviet Union. We must stop this before it goes any further. We must resist this tyranny with all o your might, because if we do not, things will be even worse this time around with their semitic surveillance state.

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