Sunday, May 26, 2019

If I Mean A Lot To You

Hey beautiful, I pray you're well tonight
I know you don't feel right when you're alone
I want you but I don't need you
Say something kind to get me through the day

For I can't come home until you are happy
If you can wait until we get home
I swear to God I will make us last
If you can wait till I am home

Then I swear on my name, this will all be in the past
Maybe it is for the best.....

Hey darling, I want you here tonight
I know you don't want to leave
I want you but I can't help it
I feel complete now that you're by my side

I know you won't home until we are together
I know I can't give you what you need
Even as you mean so much to me
I will wait thought everything

Are we really happening?
I will never be this happy again
Please don't say we can just be friends
I am not a boy toy you can sway

We know we will eventually happen

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