Saturday, May 25, 2019

I Want To Kill Jews

I was standing on the edge of a new morning
The smell of nigger sex and new found hatreds
Killing Jews as they try to pull back
I drive away, feeling very satisfied
Used the hatred again, something feels different now
I will kill them all tonight for no one will care
I got home by three to a deafening silence
The lights go off, I simply forgot about it
Let these Jews cry themselves to sleep for we don't care
I want to be a model for antisemitism
So people will hear the beauty of it all

I want to kill Jews
I want to kill Jews
I need you, to kill Jews too
I want to kill Jews

I was dressed by dawn and out the door
I see no lights, I was memorized by the hate
Now I will leave without being detected
Jews claim to work till three, it's all lies
Jews dream of us coming to their stores
Jews will pray for days but they will never be protected

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