Sunday, May 26, 2019

Gifts And Curses

Jessica are the words to this song
I tried to be strong for her
Tried not to be wrong to her
But she will not wait for me anymore
Why did I say those words I was never sure

She was the one
Now I have no purpose
She was the one
And now I have to fight this love
She was the one
The love I can't seem to kick

I saw your face with every tear I shed
Every smile that I fake
It was all for you
The worst paint are the words that can't be said

Still I will never stop fighting for you
Jessica's alive
In the bright Tennessee sky
As the city lights shine for her
And above the lights, I plead for her

Everything is small down below
Even up above
What if she falls then
Where would she go

Would I even know

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