Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Deep State Donald Sends Son-in-law to Bilderberg

By Kurt Nimmo
I realize many MAGA devotees will disagree with the above title. The Donald is not Deep State, they will argue, and the reason the swamp wasn’t drained and the globalists sent packing is because Democrats have thrown out numerous hurdles and roadblocks, including the ludicrous Mueller investigation.
Ever since Trump was elected, I have argued that he will do whatever is in his best interest, whatever makes him look good at the expense of everyone else, including his loyal supporters. This is standard behavior for a malignant narcissist. 
It should be obvious to all the swamp drain is encased in a carbon steel sarcophagus and will remain immovable short of the sort of chain reaction that leads to a popular revolution deposing the not only the state but its controllers.
Unfortunately, at this moment, any sort of popular revolution is highly unlikely, primarily due to the ignorance of the American people. 
Now we learn Deep State Donald has sent his son-in-law to Montreux, Switzerland to attend the annual Bilderberg meeting.
If Trump is locked in battle with the Deep State as his MAGA camp followers insist, why would he send his top adviser to a renowned and infamous meeting of globalists, corporatists, and banksters? 
Talk about sleeping with the enemy. 

This article originally appeared on Another Day in the Empire.

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