Monday, May 27, 2019

Dare the ZOG Renew the Draft?

By Eric Thomson (2002)
The U.S. population can be characterized by two extremes: (1) Terminal Tolerance and (2) Total self-indulgence.
(1) Means, in effect, that those who cry the loudest and/or wield the biggest sticks get what they want, and the sheeple deem them justified, as long as the crying club-wielders’ demands are not perceived to hurt the sheeple immediately or directly. When sheeple are finally hurt, they refuse to organize to protect their interests, and do not heed the bleating of those who are being fleeced or gutted. The ZOG loves such a passive, disunited herd, but how can such a lot of sheeple become outraged, as the former U.S. population did at Pearl Harbor? How could any conceivable calamity snap them out of their passive tolerance of diversity and the chaos it brings?
(2) Means that self is placed above family and community. The U.S. community spirit that I experienced in the 1940s and 1950s vanished with the 1962 Missile Crisis. I was on the scene in California and witnessed civil defense disintegrate into ‘every man for himself’, with neighbors arming themselves against their neighbors, in defense of their food and fallout shelters. The atomistic, anarchistic ideals of Locke, Rousseau and Jefferson had finally borne their evil, poisonous fruit. U.S. community had existed despite their pernicious philosophy, not because of it. The Vietnam War further illustrated the growing social disintegration, riots, mutinies, desertions and ‘fraggings’ ended the war and the draft.
The ZOG’s chickens have come home to roost, and to crap all over us. Our community is gone in spirit and in fact, and no amount of World War II propaganda can restore the spirit of a White population that no longer exists. In the mid-1950s, I was a high school student, and I had watched the “Victory at Sea” TV series with great interest. A Black student ridiculed the sonorous seriousness of the series’ narrator, and informed me that he was not interested, for the heroism and sacrifice of those Whites meant nothing to him or to his people. I realized that my race made me interested in the history of my own kind, and that I would probably find little of interest in a series on tribal warfare in Black Africa. I have no doubt that there are many Blacks who have such views, which make the fictitious concept of “American” even phonier, when the jewsmedia prate their Judeo-American propaganda.
History shows us that Whites will fight and die for an invisible piece of pie-in-the-sky, but non-Whites want their pie here and now, or they will not fight. No sane person would fight to confer “democracy” upon Arabs or Afghans before the U.S.A. itself becomes a democracy. Unfortunately, non-Whites seem gifted by much more sanity than Whites, who are North America’s minority group. This indicates that the non-White majority would resist a draft, unless the ZOG has sufficient means to bribe them into its imperial adventures.
In the real world, it seems likely that the ZOG will sorely lack for infantry, if it intends to spread its mischief further upon the globe. As for its reliance on high-tech weaponry and aircraft, it appears that competent personnel will also be lacking, thanks to the ZOG’s mis-education system, downbreeding and mongrelization. It is also becoming a problem when the ZOG attacks peoples who now reside in the U.S.A. in large and growing numbers. Who would be surprised if an Arab-American pilot were to bomb ZOG-forces, rather than fellow Arabs? Would a Black American Moslem fire on Moslems? Why wouldn’t a jew-American use his U.S. weaponry on behalf of perceived Israeli interests? Multi-national empires always have such problems.
The bygone concept of America as a “melting pot”, in which non-Whites would ape the White majority, so as to become “Americans”, has gone with the White majority. It is the non-Whites who are absorbing and displacing the White remnant as colonizers and conquerors, and they are defining “American” in their terms, not Whitey’s. Would these nationally-conscious invaders serve alien interests as willing ZOG-draftees? I don’t think they would be so crazy. Judeo-America lets them in, but these colored colonizers feel no debt of gratitude which would motivate them to sacrifice themselves for the ZOG.
Let us suppose that sufficient sheeple could be drafted to fill ZOG-ranks. How well could they be expected to fight? As ‘well’ as they did in Vietnam? If so, the ZOG would best forget about renewing the draft.
If the ongoing inflationary depression worsens, with increased unemployment, ZOG-forces might gain volunteers who would likely fight with as little enthusiasm as the Italians on the Eastern Front, the Americans at Corregidor or the British at Singapore. They did not enlist for ‘death or glory’ , but for three hots and a flop. “Our gallant Soviet allies” crucified one group of Italians who’d given up without a fight, and the Japs let their captives die of disease, malnutrition and mistreatment, instead of bullets in battle. Anyone who surrenders to non-Whites or Whites working for non-Whites is a fool, if he has any means of resistance whatsoever. General Yamashita wrote in his diary that the Jap besiegers were outnumbered and outgunned by the British at Singapore, and he feared that the defenders would just march out and wipe out the Japs, who were nearly out of ammo. Yamashita bluffed the Brits and they gave up. More Brits would have survived at Singapore had they merely charged the Japs with bayonets and mean looks. Instead, they died of disease and privation, but their General Percival was a fine catering officer! Personally, I’d prefer death in combat to death from disease and hunger, but to each his own.
Another factor in non-renewal of the draft is the Great Gulf of Distrust between the ZOG and its subjects. In the 1940s, the government and the governed seemed mutually-trusting, but now, the U.S. citizen is treated as if he were The Enemy, unless he wears a ZOG uniform and carries ZOG I.D. School chemistry textbooks of the 1930s and 1940s listed acids, bases, poisons and explosives, for the purposes of educating and protecting the citizens. Tank trucks used to display labels in English, rather than coded symbols, and citizens knew what to do if there was a gasoline spill, a lye spill, an acid spill, chlorine gas leak, &c. Not now! Back then, citizens were expected to assist the police, who would inform citizens what they were doing. Not now! Back then, a citizen could walk down a street with a firearm in full view, and no one worried about it. Not now!
As a youngster during the middle of World War II, my father and I would visit strategic railroad facilities such as roundhouses and freight yards, where I would ask railroad employees about locomotives, operations and rolling stock. It seemed normal for a father to indulge his boy’s interest in trains and the railroad men were friendly. A locomotive engineer helped lift me into the cab of his locomotive and held me so I could look down at the big driving wheels. I was so impressed that I still have vivid memories of that big steam locomotive today! Such visits to railroad facilities would be forbidden now. In those days, adults were not deemed enemies of children, and kids had no misgivings about asking strangers for directions or assistance. I was not taught to fear adults, nor did I ever have bad experiences with them. I respected them as I did my own parents, and I don’t remember ever being taught respect for adults.
In former times, U.S. citizenship conferred rights and responsibilities. Resident aliens had few rights as citizens, and more obligations. My Scottish-born grandmother lost her U.S. naturalization papers, so she had to report to a police station at least once a month, for the duration of the war. Voting was considered the most important right and duty of a citizen. The first time I voted, I had to show I.D. and proof of U.S. citizenship. The most recent time I voted, I was required to show nothing at all: no I.D. and no proof of citizenship. Voting, at least in the state of Washington, is a joke, for anyone can vote at different precincts by giving a different name, maybe even the same name!
As a U.S. citizen, I must pay taxes which go to benefit illegal aliens. They are ‘entitled’ to free medical care, but not I. They have ‘rights’, even though they are not supposed to be here, but I have ‘obligations’ as a citizen to feed and fund these invaders, thanks be to ZOG.
On the one hand, I don’t need any I.D. to vote, but on the other, I now must have current photo I.D. to take a Greyhound bus to the next town. In 1960 I took an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution, for which the U.S. Army trusted me to carry a loaded M-I Garand. I am still bound by my oath, but now I am not trusted to board a bus with a pen knife! I feel sorry and ashamed for those U.S. vets who gave their lives and limbs so this ZOG could inflict its tyranny upon us. That’s why I don’t think the ZOG will dare renew the draft, for few may respond, and rebellion could be the result.

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