Sunday, May 26, 2019

A Minute Late

It's time to get this straight
You tell me you loved me all along
Yet here you hesitate
To tell me how you really feel

I see it in you eyes that you mean all you say
I remember saying how I felt the same way
Now we live separate lives as lovers
Insignificant to one another

Time will tell
Time has turned and told

We were who we were with
We could have been lovers until you become my minute late friend
When thoughts change and rearrange I don't know who you are anymore

Lust will come and go and I will not know you anymore
I confess that you're much more than I remember
I can't help but to entertain these thoughts
The thoughts of us together

It's time to get this straight
All these years you were nowhere to be found
Now you want me for yourself

Still you are a minute late and your love is not renowned

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