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No Verdict in Trial of Four Alleged to Be “Neo-Nazi Terrorists”

The jury in the trial of four people alleged to have been members of the banned "neo-Nazi terrorist group" National Action has been discharged after failing to reach verdicts.
Alice Cutter, 22, and her fiance, Mark Jones, 24, both of Sowerby Bridge, near Halifax, West Yorkshire, both denied being members of National Action following its ban, in December 2016.
Standing trial at Birmingham crown court alongside the pair, and facing the same charge, were Garry Jack, 23, of Birmingham, and 18-year-old Connor Scothern, of Nottingham.
Jack and Scothern also denied any wrongdoing.
The 11-member jury had been deliberating for more than 37 hours, but was unable to reach verdicts on any of the defendants.
Discharging the jurors, the recorder of Birmingham, Judge Melbourne Inman QC, thanked them for their "hard work" in a trial that had reached its 11th week.
The prosecution barrister, Barnaby Jameson QC, told the judge that the crown would be seeking a retrial of all those involved.

Racial Mixing is a Death Sentence

Biologically, the disappearance of a people, an ethnicity, or a race is achieved principally through others intermixing with its women, that is, with their wombs.
The union of a woman of race X with a male of race Y is much more dangerous for race X than for race Y. For women are the biological and sexual reservoir of a race, a people, a genetic patrimony — not men.
Indeed, a woman can only bear a limited number of children in her life, while man can generate a multitude with any number of fertile women. Demographers only define fertility and population renewal in terms of the number of children per woman, by maternity and not by paternity.
This is why today we must as an even more serious problem to that of uncontrolled immigration of third world populations (which have a higher fertility rate) into the countries of Europe, namely the problem of the interbreeding of White women with men of colour, which, in France especially, is reaching noticeable proportions. Not only does the White race thus face competition within its own territory, not only does it fail to renew itself across generations with its weak rate of fertility (that is, everywhere under two children per woman), but a fraction of its reproducing women are subtracted from the number which will reproduce their own kind and opt instead to give birth to mixed-race persons. So, besides the growth of a foreign population pouring across our borders and reproducing itself via its practice of endogamy, fertile White women are having fewer children and, on top of this, a portion of them are offering themselves to foreigners.
Whites, with a few exceptions, are the only people who are not concerned about their collective future, who do not possess a racial consciousness, so guilty and complex-ridden have they become. One of the causes, in addition to their universalist christianoform mentality, is perhaps to be sought in the consequences of the defeat and subsequent vilification of National Socialism, which have provoked a mental paralysis and collective bad conscience.
In the end, this very serious situation will result, if it continues, in a gradual silent genocide of Whites in Europe — their own cradle (soon to be composed mostly of foreigners, mixed-race persons, and an ever-diminishing proportion of Whites) — as the historian Pierre Chaunu and the journalist Georges Suffert suggested in their book, The White Plague, published at a time when the phenomenon had barely begun. This is the fate which lies in wait for France, and which the vision of the streets at the end of the school day confirms ever more disquietingly year after year.
When a people transforms its genetic patrimony and biological composition to this extent, it clearly ceases to be itself. If nothing changes, the inhabitants of Europe at the end of the twenty-first century will no longer be persons of European origin, and thus European Civilisation will no longer exist. Europe itself will no longer exist as a demographic, but merely as a geographical expression. It will simply be an appendix of Africa, entirely devoid of an ethnic consciousness (contrary to most of the other peoples of the world), though the Europeans of the West consider this cataclysm with the indifference of the living dead. The demographic indicators are certainly indicative of this future, and are truly terrifying.
A very subtle ideological model has been created in order to destabilise the minds of young White women. Its basis is the supposedly greater virility of African and North African men, a theme which has been doing the rounds in our society for a long time. There are comparatively very few cases of relationships between White women and Far-Easterners. Another real and worrisome element is the devirilisation of European men, who appear unable to defend ‘their’ women. This ethological phenomenon is very disturbing. When the males of a group — in all higher vertebrates — are no longer capable of strength, virility, or domination, the females turn to the males from the other group.
Often, young White girls in working-class neighbourhoods quite paradoxically seek to be ‘protected’ by taking a foreign boyfriend. Protected by the coreligionists of their boyfriends, they are trying to avoid harassment. In the more bourgeois neighbourhoods, we witness another phenomenon: provocative snobbery. Young White girls want to provoke those around them and their families by going out with a Black or Arab boy, or some other foreigner. They thus show, by a soft and spongey conformism, that they are ‘anti-racist’ and keeping up with the times.
* * *
It is very strange that the man of colour is proud to be seen with a White woman and to give her children. There are various contradictory reasons for this.
First of all, it is a matter of signaling the appropriation of a White woman in order to humiliate the White man on his own turf. This capture of the female is a very ancient ethological phenomenon for which history offers many examples, the roots of which are found in the animal kingdom. To be seen with a White woman is both a mark of pride and of revenge. At the same time, in Africa and the Middle East, men of the higher classes aspire to whiten themselves by taking a European wife; this is the case with a number of African and Arab monarchs. Similarly, African and Antillean women — from the days of French colonialism right up until today — dream of nothing but marrying a European, not only for the prestige but also to have less coloured children.
In these two contradictory cases, we observe a schizophrenic inferiority-superiority complex: humiliate the dominant White man by taking a White wife, but at the same time ‘whiten’ one’s own descendants, implicitly acknowledging feelings of belonging to an inferior race. Destroy the White race while whitening oneself: an insurmountable contradiction. Consider, too, Senghor, the ‘Négritude’ movement’s poet, who married a White woman and had mixed-race children!
One exception to this trend is the Tribe Ka. This Black racist, extremist, and violently anti-Zionist group led by Kémi Séba (an ideologue of rather limited powers) takes inspiration from American radical Black movements and claims to reject mixture with Whites and to dissuade Blacks from looking for White wives. However, this is a rather louche position, for these people are perfectly able to reproduce with African women, to establish African families and brotherhoods in France, and in no way do they forbid the impregnation of White women.
* * *
We should also consider that other phenomenon involving inversion. The imperative of miscegenation (if possible with a White woman) is of course founded on the egalitarian ideology of anti-racism. At the same time, the attraction to Arab and Black men, or to swarthy men more generally, is based upon very ambiguous imagery. Such men are supposedly super-virile and perform exceptionally well sexually. But the image which is offered in the media and most notably in the pornographic industry is that of animal strength: no longer Tarzan, but King Kong. Sporty, athletic, violent, with a penis and muscles inversely proportional to his cerebral capacities. In short, the image of the lover of colour is that of animalism. The Black and the Arab man is implicitly and subtly reduced to the status of human beasts. This entirely contradicts the anti-racist agenda which is the heart of the dominant ideology: an unconscious racism is at the heart of anti-racism….
Of course, this belief in the sexual and physical super-capacity of the Black or the Arab is a myth which corresponds to no reality. It is a fantasy to which the destructured White woman succumbs, stupefied by the gigantic media propaganda machine.
* * *
Mass immigration and the racial mixing of native women in Europe will gradually lead to ethnic chaos, the formidable drawbacks of which are twofold. It will result firstly in the creation of a society broken into hostile communities subject to the law that multiracialism equals multiracism, and secondly in the presence of a population of mixed-race people hovering between two identities which is especially unstable. Such a society is difficult to govern because of its heterogeneity and, as Aristotle saw, unsuited to democracy or social peace, always inclined to violence and constantly threatened by despotism.
This is why the French republican ideological belief (taken up by the other countries of Europe) in a ‘multicoloured France’ that can succeed if ‘integration’ is possible (that is to say, if the incredible crystallisation of a heterogeneous and chaotic biological and ethnic base into a homogeneous society is possible) amounts to a belief in miracles and the stupidest utopia, for which the fetish-term diversity is repeated like a totem.
Moreover, let us take a look at the geographic areas where strongly racially mixed populations are concentrated: North Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the Antilles. Even Black Africa, where the colonial borders placed irreconcilable ethnic groups side by side, has known the same endemic disorders. Instability and violence, the fruit of ethnic chaos, are in every case chronic. The central power is everywhere corrupt and hyper-authoritarian. Is this what awaits France?
* * *
It is appropriate to challenge here a dogmatic counter-truth propagated by the dominant ideology: that France has always been racially mixed because over the course of centuries it has seen waves of immigration. Of course, current immigration and racial mixture will be beneficial because it creates diversity. This is a confusion between diversity and chaos, heterogeneity within proximity and mass random mixture between differing biological types and cultures. Now, four things must be noted: 1) In Antiquity, both the Germanic invasion-immigration waves into Gaul and the implantation of Italic-Roman colonies concerned closely related populations; the Muslim incursion and installation in Provence-Languedoc [in the eighth century AD –Tr.] involved limited numbers, and many of the invaders were expelled; 2) the surges of immigration into France which began in the nineteenth century came from Europe (Italy, Belgium, the Iberian Peninsula, Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans) — that is to say, populations belonging culturally, ethnically, and biologically to the same ‘Albo-European stock’, as Senghor puts it. Not to mention that they concerned numerically small populations that were thus possible to assimilate; 3) current migration and the miscegenation which follows from it are of a scale never before witnessed in history, and involve extra-European populations, which changes absolutely everything; 4) the ‘ethnic melting pot’ is only beneficial if it involves close ethnic groups belonging to the same greater anthropological family. In other words, if any and all kinds of mixture occur, the population which results is no longer in any sense a people, but an ungovernable heterogeneous mass unsuited to any form of civilisational development which are susceptible to endemic violence and all sorts of psychological pathologies. It is this catastrophe that lies in wait for us, which Japan, India, and China have been perfectly well able to avoid.
We are given the counter-example of the United States which is supposedly a melting pot, but this is false, for the American melting pot only concerned European immigrants, whose synergy was the source of that country’s strength. The contributions of Blacks, Asiatics, and Latin Americans were not decisive. Moreover, the advancement of multiraciality in the US is proving to be more of a handicap for the world’s leading power than anything else.
The above text is based on an excerpt from Guillaume Faye’s Sex and Deviance (Arktos, 2014).
* * *

“Hitler is Coming” Note Left at Jewish Museum in Brooklyn

A funny note reading “Hitler is coming” was found on a billboard designed for comments by visitors to the Brooklyn Jewish Children’s Museum.
Police are investigating the note, left Thursday, as a "hate crime", a spokesperson told the New York Post.
Visitors alerted police to the patriotic note at the Crown Heights museum. The city’s "hate-crime task force" took over the investigation, authorities said.
Mordechai Lightstone, a Chabad rabbi, wrote on Twitter: "This is just awful. An interactive sign in front of the Jewish Children’s Museum in Crown Heights asking people how they would transform the world was defaced with Antisemitic graffiti!"
Governor Andrew Cuomo said ibn a statement about the incident: "We have zero tolerance for anti-Semitism, discrimination or hate of any kind in New York, and no person should ever feel threatened because of their religious beliefs."
He has ordered the state police to assist the NYPD in their investigation.
The museum was one of many Jewish institutions targeted in a wave of fake bomb threats in 2017 that were found to have been called in by an Israeli teenager.
The note came soon after two "anti-Semitic incidents" in Crown Heights. On Wednesday, two men approached an Orthodox Jewish woman sitting on a bench and said "Heil Hitler" to her, and tried to follow her and harass her as she ran away. Earlier this week, a 27-year-old Orthodox man was slapped in the back of the head by a man riding by on a bike.
Crown Heights has seen a spike over the past year and a half in "anti-Semitic incidents", exposing racial tensions in the neighborhood, which is majority black but has a large Hasidic Orthodox population, primarily from the Chabad group. The incidents, newwhich many residents have said are broadly underreported, run the gamut from verbal harassment to violent assaults.

Racism Row in India as Beauty Pageant Finalists Lack “Diversity”

Not too long ago I covered the fact that the three major beauty pageant winners in the US are currently black women.
While these women all have African heritage, dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair, their victories are considered to be a big win for “diversity,” which really just means less White people.
However, in India when beauty pageant finalists all have similar complexion, hair, and eyes, they are said to be sorely lacking in “diversity.”
…instead of being able to enjoy their success, they have found themselves at the centre of a storm over a photo collage which, critics say, suggests the organisers are obsessed with fair skin. (BBC News)
One Twitter user wrote:
They all have the same hair, and the same skin colour, and I’m going to hazard a guess that their heights and vital stats will also be similar.
I guess the definition of “diversity” in a non-White country can be expanded to mean less fair-skinned people, since all of the “women of color” pictured above would be considered as shining examples of “diversity” if they were to win contests in White countries.
Many women in India seek out ways to lighten their skin color, as fair skin is seen by most as being more beautiful.
The beauty pageant finalists have been compared to “Fair and Lovely” advertisements, which appear to suggest that the lighter your skin, the happier you will be.
This could be due to their history with a caste system, as well as objective and subjective beauty standards. Regardless, these women have not been indoctrinated from an early age that “black is beautiful” and that White is plain and boring, though it seems that they may soon be hearing more and more about “fair skinned privilege.”
Here in America, many Black women will avoid going out in the sun too much so that they do not get too dark, and will wear artificial hair or just straighten it to appear to have more European features.
On the flip side, White women are taught to hate their White features, so many will use tanning beds or tanning spray to get darker, and dress and act like hoodrats or latinas, so as to be “cool” and “spicy.” The insanity can sometimes be overwhelming.
Rachel Dolezal was a NAACP leader before her Whiteness was discovered.
Being “diverse” in America confers special privileges, which is why some guys are getting in on the act too.
Shaun King is a leader in “Black Lives Matter” and likely still pretends to be African.
Not only will being a White in America hinder your chances of winning a beauty contest these days, it will also make it much harder to get into the college of your choice. The recent college admissions scandal revealed that wealthy parents were being instructed to lie about the race of their children on applications so that they had a better chance of getting in, which clearly shows that affirmative action and diversity quotas are literally discrimination against White people.
The wealthy families involved in the college admissions scandal were advised to have their students falsely claim to be racial minorities on their applications to boost their chances of getting into top colleges, The Wall Street Journal reported. William “Rick” Singer, the man behind the scheme, reportedly told parents that not having their students lie about their race would put them at a “competitive disadvantage” in the admissions process. (Business Insider)
The real kicker here is that when our enemies speak of “diversity” what they really mean is that they want many different shades of brown and black features – eyes, hair, and skin. It is truly the White race that represents real diversity, with many different vibrant colors of eyes, hair, and skin (including freckled). Our enemies consider it a win for “diversity” when these traits are race-mixed out of existence, which is what happened long ago in India.
The only way to really celebrate diversity is to protect it by allowing the different races and ethnicities to live amongst themselves, judge themselves by their own beauty standards, and pass down their traditions and genetics to future generations.

E. Michael Jones: “I Don’t Believe in White People, There’s No Such Thing as White People”

    Jewish Mainstream Media Normalizing Pedophilia in Reality Show, Calling it “Age Gap Love”

    By Matt Agorist
    Last year, TFTP reported how a disturbing push was made to attempt to normalize pedophilia as a mainstream “sexual orientation.” The move involved pedophiles rebranding themselves as “Minor Attracted Persons,” with the hope that they will be accepted as part of the LGBT community. It was somewhat effective as multiple outlets reported it like it was okay. While this incident was extremely disturbing, even more worrisome is that this normalization appears to be spreading. Now, mainstream media is accused of promoting pedophilia by referring to it as “age-gap love” in a reality show.
    In one of the most disturbing moments we’ve ever seen promoted on television, the UK’s Channel 5 — which is owned by the media leviathan, Viacom — is promoting the relationship between a 16-year-old girl and a 44-year-old man. Instead of calling this what it is, the television network called it age-gap love.
    While the legal age of consent in the UK is 16, the program admits that the affection Andy had toward his child wife Beth began well before this age.
    “Originally a friend of her Mum and over the years became close to her children too,” the program says as innocent music plays in the background as if this sort of thing is entirely acceptable.
    “But once she reached the age of 16, he decided to give this controversial relationship a go,” it continues. What this actually means is that Andy had been attracted to Beth well before her legal age of consent and only after he could no longer go to jail for it, he became public with his sick desires.
    “The woman is 19 in the video. If they’d met for the first time when she was 19, it would be weird but not criminal or evil. But he knew her since a child and they started “dating” when she was 16. That’s called grooming and abuse. Dude is a pedophile. This is horrific,” writer Matt Walsh pointed out.
    One Twitter user pointed out that the aforementioned details of how Andy met Beth are actually illegal under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, sections 27(3) and (4):
    Others agreed as to how this man has likely been grooming Beth her whole childhood to have her accept this relationship as normal. After all, most pedophiles are friends of the family or family members, or have trusted roles in the child’s life.
    “This is appalling . This a unhealthy relationship between an adult and a child. It’s grooming, not a cute hashtag,” another Twitter user wrote.
    Adding to the sick nature of this show is the fact that the Viacom subsidiary has been running this show for five years and this was just to promote a follow up on the already sick relationship.
    “There’s a follow up to this show coming in a week or two called “Age Gap Love: 5 years on – Did it last?” I guess this clip was a promo to get people interested in that. This episode was originally aired in 2014. So the bad ideas have kept on coming for the last 5 f**king years!” writes an angery Twitter user.
    The corporate mainstream media is, without a doubt, the most sophisticated propaganda operation in the history of humankind, according to political philosopher Noam Chomsky, author of Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of Mass Media.
    The mainstream media works diligently to alter and shape our perceptions and values. It seems clear that the propagandists are attempting to engineer a society that is accepting of pedophilia as a normalized behavior.
    Both Elijah Wood and Corey Feldman have publicly discussed the fact that Hollywood is a den of pedophilia – noting that numerous powerful moguls and others within the Hollywood scene prey on the vulnerable like “vultures.”
    Revealing exactly how the normalization propaganda operates, the New York Times published an op-edproclaiming that pedophilia is “not a crime” – instead sympathetically characterizing pedophilia as a “disorder” that “these people [pedophiles] are living with.”
    The sell is that people who rape, or who fantasize about exploiting or raping children are portrayed as victims living with a condition that they have little choice over. The article goes on to insert tidbits about “recent studies,” which is an appeal to authority meant to imply that the author’s normalization agenda is backed by science.
    Thus, claims such as: “Men with pedophilia are three times more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous, a finding that strongly suggests a neurological cause,” leaving readers to discern the credibility of the author’s opinion based on an unprofessional interpretation of the actual study.
    Essentially, the idea being forwarded is that people who want to have sexual relations with children are suffering from a “disorder,” and thus are not subject to a moral evaluation, but instead are in need of compassion. The idea that pedophilia is a “condition,” rather than an internal mental process involving desires and attitudes, leaves the pedophile blameless.
    Now, as this terrifying show on a Viacom network illustrates, we are being told that pedophiles should not only be blameless—but glorified. A disgusting precedent indeed.

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