What Happened to Pro-White Activism?

Back in 2014 I organized the White Man March, which was first held on March 15, which just so happened to coincide with Purim that year. There was some serious kvetching by the jewish media before and after the event, as we saw lots of people get out and take to the streets to get out the message about White Genocide. There was a lot of creativity, with people handing out flyers, holding up banners and signs, decorating cars and trucks, and doing whatever they could to bring attention to our cause. We didn’t have nearly as many people interested in our ideas back then, but by persistently promoting this idea of synchronized activism, people were motivated and we made history. We made sure to also incorporate online activism and achieved a #1 trending spot on Twitter before it was censored.
The second White Man March was held a month afterward on Easter, which happened to coincide with Hitler’s birthday. We did not see as many participate, but we did still have a massive effect with cheap plastic Easter eggs that contained our message inside. Local news ran stories about these “hate bombs” that were placed in strategic locations and John Stewart (aka Liebowitz) even kvetched about it on the Daily Show. Due to my having a newborn baby at the time, receiving no support from friends and family, and getting attacked from almost every “pro-White” spokesperson out there, I resigned from my role as an activist leader. I focused on making our broadcast and publishing platforms a force to reckoned with and began work on Hellstorm, which would take the world by storm once it was released.
It was my hope that other people would pick up the slack, use the example we set, and keep the ball rolling. I have been very disappointed, to be honest. I should have expected as much, though, with the insane amount of controlled opposition within the pro-White community. They took our momentum and used it to help get the Trump train rolling. Instead of actively promoting our ideas, pro-Whites were then funneled into worshiping the ZOG emperor and thinking we can vote our way out of this, engaging in street fights with antifa, making memes about “loony lefties,” and doing exactly what I warned against with the White Man March – getting lots of people together for a planned march.
Don’t be a Hollywood “Nazi”
Unite the Right  was led by obvious controlled opposition, such as Richard Spencer, Baked Alaska, Mike Enoch, Augustus Sol Invictus, and Jason Kessler.  After the staged vehicular homicide and prosecutions of White activists, most pro-Whites have been cowed into submission, for fear of also being targeted. This dampening effect is similar to what happened to the militias after the OKC bombing that was pinned on Timothy McVeigh, who conveniently was a big fan of the Turner Diaries.
At the same time that real world activism has been floundering, online activism has been getting heavily suppressed now that the ADL and SPLC are embedded within all major tech companies. If you are a legitimate activist, you will be censored quickly on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and potentially even Bitchute. You will also be denied fundraising opportunities from Patreon, PayPal, Stripe, GoFundMe, etc. The big channels that remain up on Youtube, even livestreaming and getting superchats, should all be suspect, even though they might say some things that appear to be edgy. Black Pigeon Speaks, Black Pilled, Stefan Molyjew, Red Ice, JF Gariepy, Owen Benjamin, etc. all serve the agendas of the overlords or else they would not be allowed a platform to speak.
So where do we go from here? We are being targeted for extermination and our enemies are tightening to noose with every passing day. They know that given enough time and a fair hearing, we would be able to convince a large enough amount of people that there is a genocidal agenda being carried out by jewish supremacists to actually make our resistance a serious threat to their plans. Our enemies are not going to do us any favors, so we must get creative. Whenever they shut down one avenue for activism, we must find a weak point in their defenses and bust through there. We do not need to coordinate with each other, we do not need to march as one, and we do not need anyone to tell us what to do. We need motivated individuals who understand guerilla tactics and are able to apply them to activism, we need flash demonstrations where our enemies (street thugs and jewish media) are absent, and we need creative new approaches that others can see and then emulate.