Weapons of Racial Destruction

Non-White immigration into White homelands is perhaps the most devastating weapon of White genocide brought to bear upon us by the jews. The ability of the jews to wield this weapon against us only became possible after a protracted, relentless campaign of mental manipulation and behavioral conditioning that has largely enervated White societies by inflicting upon them widespread moral bankruptcy and an addiction to instant gratification.  Why do the hard, dangerous work of defending one’s nation or homeland when instead one can simply watch alien, anthropological curiosities pile on top of each other on the “gridiron?” Why learn about the incredible, inspiring accomplishments of our racial history when instead we can sit passively in a JUDEO-christian church and listen to a lunatic, drunk on a knock-off brand Torah, tell us to meekly accept the worst, most hostile and primitive hominids into our countries, our communities, and our very families? The answers to these questions can be powerfully understood by any White person with the misfortune to find himself in a large American city today. The easily-observed rampant crime, congestion, overpopulation, and general filth are some of the terrible consequences of neglecting the duty to protect our homelands and our race as distinctly separate from the other branches of humanity. But these are only symptoms of a deeper Hebraic problem.
Our implacable jewish enemies have worked subversively and largely without opposition to erode our racial pride, racial cohesion, individual self-respect, and even the most basic common sense. These were the foundations upon which our healthy racial societies were once built, and in their absence we see today the travesties and offensive parodies that our homelands have become. The jewish poisons of relativism and equalitarianism have saturated our most important institutions, from our schools, to our media, to our governments – and have turned our ability to have a public discourse on anything of true importance into a mockery truly deserving the moniker of “clown world.” Even the faintest, most conciliatory suggestion of fostering a long-term concern for the welfare of the White race, or a mention of the discipline and responsibility that such a concern entails, is met with histrionics or outright violence.
Through this combination of intellectual corruption and hysterical intimidation, our rabbinical racial enemies have imposed on our communities a deleterious jewish middle-man mentality. Communities that were once built and sustained by like-minded racial compatriots have been reduced to ineffectual collections of atomized, alienated individuals, where blatant lies, and pitiless predatory exploitation are at best ignored, and at worst celebrated as laudable and exemplary. A disinclination to work for anything that creates real, lasting value is replaced by an insatiable urge to turn a quick profit, no matter the immediate harm or ramifications for the future. Irresponsible transience in all things, including the very existence of our race, has pervaded our once-healthy White societies – and it is nefariously promoted as freedom.
The consequences of a society that has recklessly replaced a racially healthy morality with wanton greed, hedonism, and degeneracy are now on display to all White people willing to trust their eyes, instead of the lying jewish-owned news propaganda. Most of our people are enervated, unfocused, and in denial. Many become visibly uncomfortable or even agitated when confronted with an explanation for our current predicament that falls outside the approved Democrat-Republican kosher control mechanism. Facts have become “hate” and truth is relegated to a form of heresy – when either are acknowledged, it is done so furtively and with great reluctance, and no small amount of risk. The necessary preconditions for our people to defend ourselves against this Hebraic nation-wrecking have been compromised, making it easy for the jews to bring their bipedal biological weapons into our homelands with only the most flaccid, and often disingenuous, efforts to resist them.
Many of our racial compatriots seem irretrievably bound by jewish mental shackles preventing them from realizing our predicament, as they stagger directionless and alienated between hollow, momentary pleasures that serve as little more than a distraction or escapism. It is our duty now, not to confront directly the jew as he sits in a position of unaccountable and undeserved power over us, but to confront White people who express concern or unease about our circumstances and cannot articulate why. It is our responsibility to meet the challenge of breaking the jewish programming that has blinded our people to the existential dangers we are in, and the vicious alien chosenites behind those dangers. We must help more of our people see the unequivocal connections between the jewish efforts to eradicate the White race, and the dysfunctional and increasingly dangerous conditions in our homelands. The Gordian knot of jewish lies will become increasingly easy to cut as the blight of our cities and the degenerate, Judaized culture which predominates in our societies becomes harder to ignore. We must stop the jewish-orchestrated White genocide.
The following is from the SS Leitheft, “From What Do Folks Die?” published January – March 1939, translated by Third Reich Books:
“The doctrine of the equality of all people, which was preached by the churches as well as by the apostles of Bolshevism, sought to overcome the original racial thinking and to abolish the natural barriers – in accordance with the laws of life and the laws of growth – between folks.
The church led people, who through their race were separate and different from each other, together into the community of denomination, and according to the priest’s sermon a Catholic-baptized Negro stood closer to a Catholic-baptized German girl than a non-Catholic man, who was related to the girl by common blood. The church spoke of mixed marriages and understood by that concept the marriage between German people, if one marriage as a young person sang Lutheran songs, the other had learned and sang Maria songs. The officials of the church did not want marriage between German people, if they belonged to different confessions, but they blessed without hesitation, often with inner satisfaction, the marriage between a baptized Jew or a baptized Negro and a Christian Baptized German girl.
While the church wants to make marriage choices based on denominational aspects, liberal society sought to teach its members to select the spouse solely according to its social position, whereby the racial and health-genetic value was usually ignored. So [for] the spouse selection [it was] usually not the strength of the man and the grace and cheerfulness of the woman [that] were decisive and the condition of the marriage bond, rather membership in the same denomination or the size of the dowry [were the predominant concerns].  
And the people, forgetful of breeding and breed, mixed with foreign and non-noble blood and degenerated their genetic composition.
When our folk began to mix with people of another kind, our folk’s vitality sank as a result of the race-mixing. The kind, of which the Roman Tacitus once said that they were “similar only to each other,” became mixed and impure. In the place of the healthy and beautiful forms of our race, in which the organs properly harmonize in their relationship and in their performance, emerged manifestations in which the body parts no longer fit each other. Outwardly non-harmonious, they also carried several souls in their breast, their character was no longer closed and uniform, they were inwardly torn in thought and in values. When the folk comrades were no longer racially and character-wise the same and similar among themselves, they often no longer understood each other.
People of the same kind behave in the same manner in the face of fate, they have the same souls and character values, the same life sense and the same life goal. People of the same blood and genes have not only the same views of honor, freedom and loyalty, rather [they] also think the same about practicality and impracticality in struggle and in danger… People who are racially different think differently about character values, differently about love and marriage, right and wrong. They do not behave the same toward friend and foe and also act differently in emergencies. If a folk is racially mixed, it lacks the bodily and psychological unity. It possesses no common thought, no common will, no faith filling all in common and life purpose.”