The Jewish Takeover of Ukraine

And the example of political prisoner Nadiya Savchenko

It started back in 2014 with what at the time I described as the ‘2nd Jewish War against Ukraine’. The 1st of course was the Holodomor, the genocide of upwards of 7 million Ukrainians; some say as many as 14 million died during the artificial famine introduced deliberately under the USSR by the Jewish coordinators and Jewish economic theories that controlled Ukraine.
Through the violent overthrow of the relatively pro-Russian government of Ukraine, Jews like Arsenniy Yatsenyuk and their slaves like Yulia Tymoshenko, both now former Prime Ministers of Ukraine, mutated Ukraine into a volatile conflict zone with the potential for global consequences.
Former Jewish Prime Minister Yatsenyuk led a subversive takeover of the institutions of Ukraine, filling every position they could with Jewish Subversives. At one point they even gave away positions on a military budget board to those who gave donations to the bankrupt Ukrainian military at the time.
Whilst the fake-right and false opposition protest groups like National Action complemented fringe Ukrainian groups that emerged during this process such as: ‘Pravy Sektor’, sensible people opposed them. It has since turned out that Pravy Sektor literally made oaths of loyalty to be friendly to Ukraine’s Jewish community and that National Action had a member who lived in Israel and converted to Judaism, as well as set the precedent in law for groups of similar ideologies to be shut down by their example as terrorist related. Something mirrored in the UK as in Ukraine vs. actually genuine individuals instead of frauds. Pravy Sektor has since been universally exposed as being equally on side with Jewish interests and long term agendas. The fake opposition in Ukraine led the otherwise potential-filled street protest movements (during the 2014 revolution) into failure and allowed Jewish Supremacists to take over the central offices of government in Ukraine with basically no internal resistance other than that waged by limited Russian efforts and basic common sense reformist types and patriotic elements.
Now in 2019 the Jewish war against Ukraine has been complete with the election of another Jew to the Presidency of Ukraine. They had to imprison political opponents to get to this point, as in the case of Nadiya Savchenko as detailed below.
Jewish comedian Volodymyr Zelensky (who in the BBCs headline news page they fail to mention is Jewish) won a suspiciously large amount of the vote: 70%.
Anyone who is familiar with elections in the West or in the East knows that this level of support (a super-majority) is extremely rare and rarely even occurs in the chambers of government’s seat layout, let alone in the Presidential or Prime ministerial level elections (for those countries that have them) of democratic countries.
It is truly telling that the BBC does not anywhere in their article say that he is Jewish, instead running the headline that Comedian ‘wins Ukrainian presidency’, as if he is some populist outsider. Zelensky’s campaign was filled with lies (much like that of Donald Trump who is also loyal to his Jewish financiers and Jewish convert Daughter and their spawn) claiming he was going to sort out corruption in Ukraine. We know full well that he is the very incarnation of corruption and we can assume that his campaign’s 70% vote result can only have been as a result of a false dichotomy, the pushing aside of genuine anti-corruption alternative figures into a two-horse race and the exclusion of many Russians from voting. 5 candidates withdrew from the race before the vote occurred.
During the 2019 election 47 applications were denied by the CEC, 6 additional candidates were declined from entering the elections along with 5 who dropped out for various tactical reasons or after lobbying from another campaign. Most of the 47 applications were turned down as the Presidential ballot requires a deposit of $90,000 USD, which they did not pay.
This is designed to make it impossible for ordinary people to ever stand a chance of even entering the election. Some applicants such as Nadiya Savchenko, a female former 1st Lieutenant, who was also the first Ukrainian woman to pilot a Sukhoi SU-24 and also the first to pilot a Mil Mi-24 attack helicopter, had her applications turned down because she was falsely charged (in a case that is still ongoing) with plotting to overthrow the state.
You can see how this system was designed to cut out the genuine, experienced and downright awesome people, like Nadiya Savchenko (awesome for her piloting skill and principles) from the election. The Jewish kabal in charge of Ukraine saw Nadiya Savchenko as such a public relations threat to their regime that they arrested her on the 22nd of March 2018, not long after she had declared her intention to stand for the 2019 Presidential elections. She was charged with planning terrorist attacks to overthrow the Jewish Government of Ukraine and has been in prison since then! Her human rights to this day are being denied. The EU officials mentioned her when she was a prisoner of the pro-Russian Donbass militia and then on trial in Russia (as pictured in the jail cell in 2015 in Russia), but now that she is a prisoner of the Ukrainian Jewish regime, well they do not care and have not reported on it at all at headline levels in the West.
Barely anyone knows about her and her most recent imprisonment. Their ought to be petitions and campaigns to free her, like there was when she was imprisoned in Russia.
To those who are not familiar with Nadiya Savchenko, she is the personification of a genuine outsider with their own (however imperfect) ideas and the Jews have her in jail for threatening their Ukrainian puppet regime. They claim she and just 1 other person planned to take over all of Ukraine.
Consider that she is a former Mi-24 pilot and being a former pilot and a current member of parliament, she could easily have convinced someone to let her fly a Mi-24, perhaps one she flew before, for a film or some such, or with the pathetic state of the Ukrainian military, steal one with no resistance, with or without a full weapons load (could take off and then go to a location where the munitions have been stockpiled and load up the launchers and 12.7mm rounds) and level the parliament building and hit multiple other buildings with impunity until someone shot it down at which point it’s got flares and can go low in between the buildings and use the 12.7mm (most Ukrainian MI-24s seem to have dual 30mm side mounted guns which would make this more difficult but means more forward firepower for an initial approach and hovering attack) to grind anyone pointing anything at it launcher-wise within close proximity in seconds and without a trained gunner it can still be used effectively.
The regime’s claims that they confiscated the weapons pictured below are so weak considering the access Savchenko could have had to better weapons and vehicles.
The stockpile above shows some tacky heavy silenced rifle that looks like an old anti-tank rifle from the 1920s or some crappy Eastern European sniper rifle, a pile of mortar shells and what looks like 3x 82mm mortar launchers and 1 small one for 2 people. It doesn’t add up.
They claim it was her and one other person only engaging in an attempted coup. It’s pathetic, it is a transparently false narrative to jail a successful and powerful political opponent with huge potential. This is what people should be talking about. Savchenko did in the past oppose the integration of Ukraine into the European Union and also opposes Russian interference in accordance with at-least base-line patriotic principles.
Two years ago, all classical politicians in Ukraine were afraid of her, but she quickly lost all her luggage. I think that Savchenko is not expected to pass a sentence soon and the consideration of her case in court will be delayed until the elections in 2019. And then, due to the changed political situation, Nadezhda Savchenko is likely to be released and will be able to join one of the major parties claiming to be elected to parliament in future elections and, accordingly, in this case she will again receive the mandate of a deputy to the Verkhovna Rada.” (Google translate.) -Ukrainian Institute for Policy Analysis and Management Ruslan Bortnik
Savchenko stated also that “people now lawmakers” were behind the ordering of the sniper shootings of potential organic leadership during the 2014 revolution in Ukraine where Jewish Subversives ended up winning. Savchenko has supported the idea of Ukraine becoming a patriotic, independent dictatorship versus Russia and the EU on either side. She has been described by Russian media (Komsomolskay Pravda) as a “killing machine in a skirt”. Savchenko has blue eyes and from all available indications appears to be from an actual Ukrainian family history-wise.
After her release, as early as 2016, she was polling at 15% in Ukraine for the 2019 Presidential Election.
There was a government smear campaign along with the usual biased polls, however they thought this was not enough so they jailed her on false terrorism charges, which will likely get turned down as the case has not even been completed. It is clear these charges were used to deny her from standing in the 2019 elections which she could very well have won.
These ordinary and extraordinary people were forced out of the election (with the former being arrested before the election properly started) in favour of a disgusting Jewish ‘comedian’ like Zelensky whose administration already is and will continue to be a comedy of scandals, criminality and warmongering.
The voting system in Ukrainian Presidential elections is a 2 round voting system, which saw 37 candidates defeated, resulting in 2 final candidates. This system is deeply flawed and is similar to the system in France, except in France multiple candidates can go through to the second round, but they choose not to, so that one of them can take all of the leftwing and mainstream vote support to deny the Front National their otherwise natural victory.
The Ukrainian system is corrupt in that candidates can be denied a place on the ballot entirely if they do not meet the $90,000 deposit (which they dont get back unless they are one of the 2 candidates who progress to the 2nd round of voting) and additionally the CEC or Central Election Commission can remove a candidate from the ballot entirely.
Is it possible that all those Jewish officials Tymoshenko and Yatsenyuk stuffed into the administration and bureaucracy, as well as the imprisonment of the most promising native Ukrainian candidate, may have had something to do with the result more than Zelensky being a comedian as BBC News (otherwise known as BBC Jews) would like us to think. The person who Zelensky has ousted is the former President and actual Ukrainian Petro Poroshenko.
I will never let you down… I’m not yet officially the president,” he added. “But as a citizen of Ukraine I can say to all countries in the post-Soviet Union: Look at us. Anything is possible!” -Ukraine’s Jewish President: Volodymyr Zelensky
Well Ukraine is about to be betrayed to an extent it has never seen before. Expect more political prisoners, potentially some swaps and some ‘gestures’ to begin with then followed with the usual Jewish corruption and illogical warmongering versus Russia, which is endangering the very existence of Ukraine, and quite frankly, NATO countries by extension.
This unaccountable Jewish Subversive Volodymyr Zelensky is relevant news to us here as he could endanger us. Hopefully there are still at least a few common sense Ukrainians left in the military of Ukraine who won’t engage in a fratricidal escalation.
Hopefully there are more Nadiya Savchenkos out there or she is released and not forced to bend the knee to the Zelensky Regime.
Meanwhile we need to draw attention to the corruption there and that this kind of corruption is the real story behind why Ukraine just elected a Jewish President who is an absolute comedian. Ultimately Ukraine is in a constant-crisis situation and it is because of these Jewish Subversives, who wanted to stop Ukraine from becoming a strong anti-EU blocking point as well as stopping it from becoming an enemy of the Jewropean Union through Russian alignment or independent self-governance.