South Africa: Seizure of White Property Law to be Put to Parliament after May Election

The South African parliamentary subcommittee set up to expedite the seizure of white property and hand it over to blacks has finalized its recommendations on how to amend the country’s constitution, and the amendment will be tabled after the May general election.
According to an official press statement released by the parliament’s “Ad Hoc Committee to Amend Section 25 of the Constitution,” Committee Chairman Thoko Didiza said that in the report the committee recommended to the National Assembly (NA) that the “House should take note of the ad hoc committee’s program and resolved that it could not conclude its work in this term of Parliament.”
It further recommended that the sixth Parliament be tasked with finalizing the amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution, which will remove any potential legal obstacle to the seizure of white property.
The NA will adjourn from March 22 until after national elections on May 9, but will review the ad hoc committee’s proposal on March 19.
As pointed out earlier, the claim that whites “stole” land from blacks in South Africa is completely without foundation and is a deliberate myth designed to whip up anti-white hatred.
In reality, all the lands that were occupied by black tribes at the time of the white settlement of South Africa remained under their control, and formed the basis of the “homeland” system under Apartheid.
It is true that blacks eventually became the majority population in other areas of the country which they had not traditionally occupied—thanks to whites giving them work, healthcare, education and social services, which in turn allowed the natives to multiply in number so as to overwhelm the rest of the country. But this fact does not change the reality that all the traditional black lands were left in black hands.
The demand to seize white property is merely a symptom of the anti-white hatred which is fast becoming endemic in all Third World populations, who have been incited into believing that their inability to create any wealth—and white ability to create progress, wealth, and civilization—has only been possible due to “exploiting” nonwhites.
The true reason for economic, social, and economic disparities between races are twofold:
firstly, the inherent and unchangeable differences in IQ, which limit the ability to achieve and maintain standards; and
secondly, psychological racial differences which most obviously exhibit themselves in what is known as “social responsibility,” or the ability to display empathy and social cohesion.
These two factors mean that Africans, who in South Africa have an average IQ of 77, are unable to create or maintain the civilizational levels of the white settlers who created that country, and now seek to seize whatever white property they can in the mistaken belief that once they get their hands on it, they will “be the same” as whites on an economic level.
In reality, as the rest of Africa has shown, all that will ultimately happen is that the entire region will sink back to pre-colonial era Third World chaos.
This Deutsche Welle report below, which dates from 2016 (that is, before the current moves to seize land without compensation), is an indication of where things are headed in South Africa.