In 2009 Wikileaks Published the BNP Membership List to Get ‘Racists’ Fired

Although the list was removed from its original blog home it has reappeared at several mirror sites, on bittorrent and on Wikileaks. Wikileaks uses encryption to protect its sources and is widely distributed across legal jurisdictions, making it all but impossible to get documents removed. Efforts to put the genie back in the bottle are now likely to be fruitless.” – The Register (2009, the day after the leak)
Let me just make his clear right off the bat – I am no fan of Nick Griffin and other BNP personalities, but I do sympathize with the average BNP member back in 2009 who was just looking for some “legitimate” way to regain influence in his own country.
However there are some people do not sympathize with the indigenous people who are struggling to retain their lands… if and only if those indigenous people happen to be White. While they would cry endless fake tears over the colonialism of the White man, they thoroughly embrace the third world colonization and “globalization” of all formerly White lands. It’s progressive. It’s inevitable. It’s payback.
I just call it White genocide, and it’s a program being carried out by international jewry and their allies.
If you want to learn who is being oppressed, simply find out who you are not allowed to support.” – me
Anyone who tries to resist the White genocide agenda becomes a target for the wrath of the anti-Whites. If you hold any sympathies toward your own people as a White person, you are the epitome of evil. You need to be shamed fired, deplatformed, assaulted, tortured, and murdered. I’m dead serious, this is where things are going.
Back in 2009 when Wikileaks published the membership list of the BNP (likely illegally obtained), it was more just about removing the livelihood of the “racists” by getting people fired.
Meanwhile the list is being pored over by anti-fascists and hacks who have found several government employees, police officers and serving soldiers.” The Register, 2009
Merseyside Police said:
We are very clear – membership of the British National Party is totally incompatible with the duties and values of the police service and Merseyside Police. We will not accept a police officer or police staff being a member of BNP.”
The Home Office supported the statement by Mercyside Police.
As the Association of Chief Police Officers has made clear, it is not permitted for any member of the Police Service to be a member of or promote the British National Party. We fully support that position.”
It wasn’t just the “racist” police they were going after, but “also a serving member of the Army, former and serving prison officers and several teachers.” Wikileaks republished the Register article on their site. They are proud of what they did.
Even if Julian Assange was not a limited hangout controlled opposition agent, which I am convinced he is, he is definitely not an ally of ours. So I have to question why so many people who advocate for White interests are promoting him as a great hero. Assange never exposed how Israeli dual citizens orchestrated 9/11, how jews conspire to enslave “goyim” on a daily basis, or lifted a finger to raise awareness about White genocide. In fact he has actively worked against our interests, as has been shown time and again.
Maybe people support him because he helped get ZOG emperor Trump into the White House, but now Trump has turned on him. It’s all a big show for the “goyim” as we slide further and further into the terrible time of Talmudic tyranny.
We need real heroes. Not the frauds we are handed by the media.