EU Bureaucrats Pass Dreaded Article 13 Designed to Control Internet Content

By Kurt Nimmo
Article 13 of European superstate’s ACTA 2 is now law. This will fundamentally distort what was once and a free and open internet and will ultimately deal a fatal blow to alternative media.
Corporations and those with enough capital to afford expensive content filtering software will be players while the rest of us will be forced to abandon the medium. Spectators will be allowed (and charged a monthly fee) to read and view corporate produced media, all of it carefully sanitized of content outside strict political parameters imposed by corporations and government. 
The public-private effort to rid the internet of “controversy”—that is to say, controversy not scripted by corporate media and the state for the manipulation of the masses—is a fascist concept in action. Mussolini said true fascism is corporatism. 
EU bureaucrats (unelected) and transnational corporatists will decide what is permissible. For corporations, the primary concern is earning as much money as possible on copyrighted material and punishing website operators who run afoul of the new rules. 
For the state, Article 13 is a major milestone in what it invariably defines as one of its top interests—total control of narratives and locking out troublemakers questioning narratives and government policies. 
It would be easy to conclude the ACTA 2 “link tax” is simply another corporate scam to fleece consumers. In fact it is part of a carefully devised plan to make it impossible for news websites and blogs like this one to cite primary sources. In unison with content filters, this arrangement will shut down thousands of news and information sites. 
Unfortunately, our days are numbered. It looks like we may be forced into samizdat mode—dead tree publishing dependent on an archaic postal system nearing disintegration, email and text, or dial-up bulletin board systems reminiscent of the 1980s, the latter dependent on a government regulated corporate telecommunications infrastructure. 

This article originally appeared on Another Day in the Empire.
Renegade Editor’s Note: You may take exception to the use of the word “fascist” in this piece, but I am still of the opinion that fascism is not the godsend that many “right-wing” fashies seem to think it is. Perhaps it could be a system of government used for good, but most often it is not. Just take a look at the fasci in Congress.