Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Blackpool, UK, Demonstrates Reality of “Great Replacement” White Genocide

Blackpool, famous for its fun fairs, rollercoasters, arcades and other traditional beachfront holiday activities, was completely taken over by nonwhite invaders on St. George’s Day - a mix of Africans, Pakistanis, Indians, and others of indeterminate origin.
Whites were simply physically driven off the beachfront by the mass nonwhite invasion, as the video, originally loaded onto YouTube, clearly showed.
The controlled media and other anti-white political activists still maintain that white genocide is a myth perpetrated by “racists”—yet the facts all conclusively show that the process of replacing white people with nonwhites in European nations is underway.
The definition of Genocide is, according to the Mirriam Webster dictionary, derived from the stem words GENO- + -CIDE. Geno comes from the Greek for “genos birth, race, kind,” and –cide from the Middle French, from Latin -cida, from “caedere to cut, kill.”
It is therefore, literally, the killing off of a race or kind. And this is exactly what the Great Replacement, or white genocide is: the killing off of white people in their ancestral homelands by the mass migration of nonwhites, with the determined aim of outbreeding and eventually swamping white people.
Only a fool, madman, or a malicious person can deny this reality.

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