Saturday, April 27, 2019

Aryan Brotherhood Prison Gang Posing as “White Supremacists” Caught Smuggling Nonwhite Invaders into US

The Aryan Brotherhood - a criminal prison gang whose name and swastika symbolism is used by the controlled media and Jewish extremist pressure groups such as the ADL and SPLC to call them “white supremacists” - have had their true nature revealed after one of their number pled guilty to immigrant smuggling in Texas.
According to a statement issued by the US Department of Justice, Cody Michael Matousek and Guadalupe Levario have entered guilty pleas to their part in transporting illegal aliens in the trunk of a Ford 500 through the Sarita Border Patrol (BP) Checkpoint.
Matousek, 33, of Texas City, and Levario, 38, of Galveston, admitted they conspired to transport illegal aliens on March 27, 2019. Law enforcement has identified Matousek as an affiliate of the Aryan Brotherhood.
On Feb. 6, 2019, a tow truck driver reported that he had been hired to haul a broken down Ford 500 through the checkpoint from Armstrong to an auto parts store in Kingsville. When picking up the vehicle on the shoulder of Highway 77, the tow truck driver observed a tan medium-sized SUV parked behind the Ford 500.
At the checkpoint, the driver told agents he felt suspicious about the vehicle he was hauling because the driver refused to provide the keys.
During the inspection, a BP K-9 alerted to the trunk of the Ford 500. Upon opening the trunk, agents observed two individuals from Brazil who admitted to being illegally present in the United States.
Law enforcement had the driver drop off the Ford 500 in Kingsville to the individual who hired him.
Authorities conducted surveillance at the auto parts store in Kingsville and observed the tan medium-sized SUV. Levario exited the SUV and directed where the truck was to be parked. He then paid the driver, at which time he was placed under arrest. Also taken into custody was Matousek, who was driving the SUV.
Matousek had been the subject of an investigation involved with a human smuggling organization affiliated with the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas (ABT) out of Galveston.
Located inside the SUV, authorities discovered numerous iPhones, a backpack and jackets which the nonwhite invaders later identified as their property.
The two Brazilians claimed Matousek picked them up somewhere near Mission and transported them to a stash house. The next day, Matousek picked them up and brought them to a motel where he explained the process for them to be smuggled past the checkpoint. There, they also met Levario who told them he would be the one smuggling them past the checkpoint.
The next morning, Levario transported them in a Ford 500. He stopped at an abandoned house south of the checkpoint and put both Brazilians in the trunk of the Ford 500.
A third person, Ashley Michelle Voitle, another white female arrested with Matousek and Levario, is still facing charges.
According to media reports, Matousek is the second Aryan Brotherhood operator to be arrested over the last year. In July 2019, a man arrested during a traffic stop was found to be transporting two illegal immigrants. Authorities said he recruited Aryan Brotherhood members for his operation, too.
The “Aryan Brotherhood” is nothing more than a prison gang, but their choice of name and their use of swastikas has allowed the media and Jewish extremists such as the ADL and SPLC to dub them “white supremacists” and attribute all their crimes to those seeking to prevent the extermination of white people.
Although it is always been obvious that the “Aryan Brotherhood” is anything but “Aryan” the latest set of arrests serve to conclusively prove that this gang - involved in murders, drug-running and all manner of criminal activities - are not political in any way.
This fact will not, of course, stop the SPLC, ADL, controlled media outlets and other professional liars from continuing to claim that these criminals are “white supremacists.”
Thankfully, the controlled media and other Jewish fanatics in the establishment have now been so discredited through the internet’s exposure of their continuous lies and hypocrisy, that few, if any, believe anything they say or write anymore.

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