Sunday, April 21, 2019

Anti White Subversives in the “Pro White” Movement

I have noticed a reoccurring theme in the comments section as of late. Subversives will come in saying a few good things, so they are approved to continue commenting. Then after some some time goes by, they begin to sew their seeds of discord. Akin to lyme disease, they remain dormant for a time and then attack when the time is right, with the aim of debilitation. They begin creating chaos and conflict between pro-White people, trying to incite fights amongst each other, while the true common enemy continues to shift blame.
Recently we have had a group of “Germans”, who I highly doubt are even German, come in and attempt to incite hatred against British people, American people, Poles, and they even went so far as to say that the Slavs don’t even exist! Hmmm, where have we heard this kind of sentiment before?
We have seen this tactic used before by a man named Jack Sengupta (Jack Sen). He pretended to be an Italian mad named “Giacomo Vallone”. He had commented under different usernames pretending to be various nationalities, all reinforcing White ethnic hatred. When it was seen that all of these comments were coming from the same IP address, which was also the same being used by Jack/Giacomo, we started to see the kind of operations our desperate enemy uses to disrupt our progress in exposing their crimes.
Jack Sengupta as Slavic Overlord:
Wrong. healthy banter? ha! if you in fact did live in Poland (Im doubtful) my guess is Poles were too ashamed to tell you how much we hate Germans! Germans are worse than dogs! almost as bad as Jews! the fact you never heard this means you didn’t earn trust. WE DETEST GERMANS!”
Jack Sengupta as Josef:
You are completely off base! we poles despise Germans. have you seen a poland germany football match? americans have n understanding of european tribalism.”
Jack Sengupta as Pavel:
Daniel, i seriously doubt you’ve been to Poland if you never witnessed anti-german sentiment. it is rife! Germans utterly detest Poles and vice versa. It might be attributable to anti-Jewish propaganda, however to deny it exists tells me you’re either misinformed or disingenuous. good interview by the way. europeans are too tribal to ever get along. americans sadly dont get it.”
Jack Sengupta as Giacomo H. Vallone:
Try asking an actual German what he thinks of Poles-NOT an American with a German surname, but an actual German. HATE is the only word that comes to mind. I’ve posted a link to this comment board on our news link so I expect other Europeans to give their two cents. I LIVE in Europe, am married to a European, have a European passport. the fact you once lived in Poland, assuming you even did, means nothing. Germans hate Poles and vice versa-get over it”
Jack Sengupta as James:
utter nonsense. one of my collegues is Polish! she even refuses to ride in a BMW!do you know how badly they treat Poles in Gernany? thats why the Poles all head to Britain and harass us! Even if they’re resented, we Brits are polite enough not to say anything. please keep you idea of a euro love fest in the US. we have no desire to open our borders and hold hands with our euro neighbours.”
Jack Sengupta as SaraceN Slayer:
Utter rubbish. Try visiting Europe. Actually don’t. The fact you want us to hold hands and pretend we are all the same as you do american whites makes me shudder. Poland for Poles, England for English etc.”
Jack Sengupta as Svetlana:
And being pro-european doesnt necessarily mean being anti immigrant in europe. Youre looking aT things from a yankee perspective…The fact you think Poles like Germans tells me you dont have a passport. the germans living in Alsace will NEVER EVER be seen as francais either. France, like Poland despise germans. )my husband is from Alsace) You sir understand little of european dynamics. id stick to discussing america and keep out of our business”
To collectively blame a group of White people for things that happened in the past, which we have no control over today, is an obviously subversive tactic. Do I believe that we should just forget the past and sweep those crimes under the rug? No, but we need to understand that we are all under attack as White people.
I am Irish, but would it make any sense for me to fight against British people for crimes that were committed against Irish people in the past? I fight for the survival of all White people. I fight for the innocent children who have nothing to do with what happened in the past and have been brought into an insanely sick world where they are targets for genocide. Whether they be Slavs, Germans, Poles, British, Christian or Pagan, I will fight for them all.
It’s time to direct your anger and frustration to the correct targets and not fellow victims of genocide. Enough is enough. Stop this nonsense and get back on track.

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