The White Freemason and Zionist Donald Trump Jr being groomed to run for president as family seeks a White House ‘dynasty’: report

In an interview with the Times of London, Eric Trump said that although he has no political ambitions himself, he believes his older brother does.
When asked if there could be a Trump family dynasty, Eric replied, “Oh sure.”
In 2018, The Guardian reported that Trump Jr. had not only become a skilled fundraiserfor his father’s reelection campaign — he also has been regularly called upon by supporters to run for president himself.
“Away from the firestorm that is the ongoing Robert Mueller Russia investigation, the president’s eldest son is building a considerable conservative fanbase,” The Guardian‘s David Taylor reported. “This constituency sees him as an authentic figure with a political future.”
“From the Republican party standpoint, he very much is the guy,” Republican strategist and former congressional chief of staff Boyd Matheson told the newspaper. “He can be the face, he can go out with the hunters.”