The Jewish Destruction of Democracy and Citizenship

Democracy functions only among homogeneous racial communities and localized use. Limited to such applications, democracy may be a fine form of social organization and beneficially serve the needs, interests, and welfare of the racial community. The modern conception of democracy, however, is little more than a hideous farce wherein political power is held by a dictatorial infestation of jewish parasites and the ignorant masses are placated by an occasional and wholly meaningless snout-count. When democracy is disingenuously described as indicative of freedom in a dysfunctional multi-racial society, it is actually little more than an illusion that makes slaves believe they are free. Of course, the simplistic modern envisage of democracy as a sloppily-used byword for freedom is conspicuously silent about the responsibilities and strict societal discipline which are an absolute necessity for such a social organization to function.
Promoting democracy is an often overlooked element of the jewish plan to destroy White homelands. First, the jews used their control of academia to rewrite the idea of the nation so that the term no longer denoted a racial organization, and instead became a mere geographic designation. This, of course, does not apply to the jewish nation which remains as racially defined as ever.
Once a nation is no longer defined by race, the jews can rapidly expand the concept of citizenship so that it applies to any nominally human creature that happens to be physically present within a country’s borders. The cheapening of citizenship in White countries is exemplified by the United States, where the jewish-controlled government has allowed in millions of asylees and refugees, most of whom are not White – and automatically converted them into permanent residents after one year. After five years they can become citizens, and have votes that can serve the jewish agenda of White disenfranchisement, displacement, and death.
Those “European” refugees from the 1990s were Soviet jews and Muslims from Kosovo.
Many Whites still harbor the ill-advised belief that they can have a good-faith civic discourse with the dangerous mob of hate-filled, subversive jews who see them as nothing more than cattle, and the violent, moronic brown opportunists in our countries to satiate their basest urges at our expense. Democracy, famously referred to as the god that failed, has replaced religion as the new opiate of the masses.
A democracy without the underpinnings of a racially homogeneous society is nothing more than an ochlocracy, in which the much more numerous grasping, ungrateful masses of mud-world primitives assert political dominance over Whites in their own homelands. In the travesty of a multi-racial democracy, these ostensibly human creatures are given a choice: they can choose what Whites want, namely personal responsibility, equality of opportunity, and the delayed gratification necessary to build and maintain civilization; or they can choose what jews want, which is to destroy White societies and White people with impunity  In the death-cult of multi-racial democracy, the browns will vote jewish every time. As citizenship is perverted so that it describes little more than a disparate, wholly incompatible, and mutually hostile conglomeration of racial competitors, the ZOG responds by developing into a militarized police state. Ultimately, in a society infiltrated at all levels with perfidious jews, democracy leads to the dispossession, enslavement, and eventual destruction of the nation in its own homeland.
The freedoms that facilitate the flourishing of the creativity and ingenuity that are the invaluable inheritance of the White race can only occur in racially homogeneous societies, where the very existence of our race is not constantly at risk from jewish and other non-White depredation. Democracy will not preserve the White race as long as our communities are demographically compromised. We will never be asked to vote whether we should remove the jews from their unaccountable positions of power throughout our societies, just like a tick will not extract itself from a host because of a polite and conciliatory appeal that it leave. We must realize that the modern conception of democracy and voting in our subverted political systems are ineffectual for stopping the utter ruination of our people at the hands of our implacable racial enemies, the jews. The first step to stopping the jewish-orchestrated White genocide is making our people aware of the perilous position in which we now find ourselves.
The following was written by Colin Jordan in his article “Democracy Brings the Police State,” published in The National Vanguard: The Way Forward, 1993:
Democracy, as Britain’s pioneer National-Socialist Arnold Leese proclaimed, is death. Its synthesis of communism and capitalism, distinguished by a fusion of deceit, deprivation and degeneration, is sure to bring about the diminution of the White folk of this country and the world at large to the point of virtual extinction within the coming century through the rapid proliferation of the colored peoples and the ever increasing ratio of half-breeds resulting from stimulated miscegenation which democracy by its very nature engenders. The jews, however, who are predominantly non-European racially, will undoubtedly not only survive but surmount and hold sway by means of the religious racialism which so powerfully permeates them and is so zealously practiced by them.
In this dire situation the one and only way to future life for the White peoples of the world lies in overthrowing the death-system of democracy, and replacing it with a life-system devoted to the preservation, improvement and proliferation of the White or Aryan stock. The name of this life-system is National Socialism. The question is: can it be done? To attempt to answer this most fateful question we have to shed all illusions, all wishful thinking, conjured up to lessen apprehension and to generate optimism. We have to face up fully to the gravity of the menace, the consequent immensity of the task, the slightness of the chance of success which is dwindling daily as the enemy extends and consolidates its power; and we have frankly to admit the impotence of our side. 
The thorough and realistic appraisal which is required can only lead to the terrible truth that our side is getting nowhere fast, and that if it continues in its present ways it is doomed to certain failure. Its time and effort will continue to be wasted until the last chance has gone, and the ever-lasting darkness descends. That is my conclusion. Yet it is one to which I immediately add another which is that this certain defeat under present circumstances, since it will be decided by the accumulated consequences of wrong thinking and wrong practice, can even now be avoided…We can win, and I think I can tell you how to do so, but whether you will win that I cannot say for it depends on you. What I will here now seek to do is to set down what I regard as the three primary requirements for victory, and then proceed to unfold them. They are:
  • The right ideology – which has to be world-wide and life-wide; a Weltanschauung of religious significance and force.
  • The right people who have to be people adhering to this Weltanschauung in heart and mind, conforming to it in personal conduct, and zealously implementing it in every possible way.
  • The right forms of organization enabling the right people with the right ideology to work and fight to maximum effect.
Accepting the three requirements for victory calls for a clear perception of and complete rejection of the enemy. The enemy, collectively, is a whole way of thinking and behaving; a whole political system and society incorporating this thought and behavior; and a whole array of persons effectively responsible for promoting this thought and behavior, and this system and society of democracy.
It has to be seen that democracy is at war with us on all the fronts of life, and that our response therefore has to be a counterattack on all those fronts of life and nothing less…Rejecting the death-system of democracy as the prerequisite for the salvation of the Aryan folk requires the clearest and fiercest indictment of those principally responsible for its operation here and throughout the world. This partly but particularly means the politicians past and present of the democratic parties, including those of Britain, these latter having to be seen and unreservedly and constantly referred to as the greatest criminals in our land and history. Theirs has been the supreme crime of betraying our folk by their policies and practices, and in particular by opening our doors to mass Afro-Asian and jewish immigration, and coercing our folk to accept this immigration and to integrate with the immigrants; and opening our affairs to alien influence and control from both inside and outside.
The rejection of democracy is necessarily, as the other side of the coin, the acceptance of its only complete replacement which is National Socialism: the creed composed by Adolf Hitler and his colleagues, drawing on antecedent elements, and bequeathed by them to us to extend to suit contemporary conditions by any legitimate development of its implications, or adaptation of secondary details of implementation, consonant with the principles of the creed. In contrast no mere patchwork of oddments of reform, composed as some compromise between what is really needed and what presently prevails, and conceived to suit the present state of the public mind besotted with the infusions of the enemy media, is worth ten seconds of consideration.
Only a revolutionary creed with the necessary profundity and amplitude and dynamic strength to meet and match and remedy the emergency democracy confronts us with deserves our attention. All else is utterly inadequate, and the wishy-washy presenters of these supposed short cuts by way of democratic acceptability are just pathetic, time-wasting distracters.”