New Horror Film ‘Midsommar’ by Subversive Jew Demonizes European Heathens

Imagine if a White man was to make a movie about the very real ritual genital mutilation of the jewish community or to take some creative liberties in portraying jewish ritual murder. There would be endless kvetching, bannings, possibly some untimely deaths, and media loudly proclaiming that such hatred is actually incitement to violence.
However, when you have a jew like Ari Aster, who directed Hereditary, now releasing a film to paint Europeans who embrace their pre-judeo-Christian ways in the worst possible light, it is just incredible artistic expression.
Ari Aster is a jew who obviously hates White people and our culture
Wholesome things like flower crowns, runes, White people dressed in white, and celebrating the turning of the seasons are seen as being insanely evil.
Honestly, this jew is just doing what judeo-Christians have done for centuries, now with a new medium with which to terrify people into embracing the Torah.
Just take a look at the trailer for this filth and you will see what I am talking about.
White people really need a civil rights organization that is able to defend ourselves from such defamation.