France: Buildings in Marseille Literally Collapsing as a Result of Nonwhite Invasion

France’s third largest city, Marseille, is literally collapsing under the burden of the nonwhite invasion, with at least three buildings in the city center collapsing within the past six months due to overcrowding and non-maintenance - the hallmarks of all Third World cities.
According to a report in the Guardian newspaper, the city “is facing its biggest crisis in decades as city-center residents fear historical buildings that have turned to slums could crumble and fall.”
Eight nonwhites were killed in November 2018 when three overcrowded buildings collapsed in the city center. Victims included a “mother from the Comores who dropped off her son at school that morning but never collected him, a painter, and residents from Tunisia and Algeria.”
Two buildings containing apartments at numbers 63 and 65 Rue de l’Aubagne suddenly collapsed in the “rundown Noailles district” while a third building, number 67, partially crumbled a few hours later.
Only one of the buildings, number 65, was occupied. “The others were so dilapidated they had been condemned and were boarded up, though locals said they were frequently used by squatters,” media reports revealed.
A local resident, Toufik Ben Rhouma, blamed Marseille city hall for the disaster. “It’s hell here … and now people die for nothing,” he said.
In 2015, a government report warned that 40,000 dilapidated and dangerous homes were a health or security risk to 100,000 people, many in the city center.
Hundreds of families in Marseille have been evacuated from flats feared to be unsafe in recent months. Around 1,000 people – many on low incomes – are still sleeping in hotels, waiting to be rehoused.
According to the Guardian newspaper, the “crisis has highlighted Marseille’s unique makeup. With a population of around 850,000. . . its diverse society is seen as symbol of modern France.”
As The New Observer reported earlier, the city of Marseille is on track to become the first majority Islamic metropolis by 2030 at the latest.
In 2010, thirty percent of the city was Muslim, but according to city statistics, at least 41.8 percent of those aged 18 and under are “of foreign descent”—this means that, given continued immigration and natural reproduction rates, Marseille will be majority nonwhite within fifteen years.
A panorama of photographs (below) from the streets of central Marseille illustrates the fact that nonwhites have already almost completely taken over the city center.
This then, is the fate awaiting every European city should the nonwhite invasion not be halted - and reversed.