Estonian Anti-Invasion Party Doubles Vote in General Election

Estonia’s premier anti-Third World invasion party, the Estonian Conservative People’s Party (EKRE), has horrified the establishment parties by doubling its vote to nearly 18 percent in that country’s general election held over the past weekend.
The EKRE campaigned on a perfectly sensible platform of halting immigration, a referendum on EU membership, the promotion of higher child-birth rates among Estonians and the normal family unit of male, female and children—all enough for the establishment and western controlled media to brand them “far right.”
An 18 percent showing translates to 19 seats in the 101-seat Parliament.
The full results were:
Eesti Reformierakond (Estonian Reform Party): 28.8% (last time 27.7%), 34 seats (+4).
Eesti Keskerakond (Estonian Center Party): 23.1% (last time 24.8%), 26 seats (-1).
Eesti Konservatiivne Rahvaerakond (Estonian Conservative People’s Party): 17.8% (last time 8.1%) 19 seats (+12).
Isamaa Erakond (Patriotic Party, conservatives): 11.4%, (last time 13.7%), 12 seats (-2).
Sotsiaaldemokraatlik Erakond (Social Democratic Party): 9.8% (last time 15.2%) 10 seats (-5).
The Reform and Center party have to date ruled out any coalition with the EKRE, although that was before the party’s strong showing.
According to the EKRE party statement, “the survival of the Estonian people has come under great pressure . . . today’s Estonia is not sustainable without significant urgent changes, does not guarantee the long-term prosperity, economic and cultural development of our people, and the preservation of Estonians in Estonia and the world.”
The party’s detailed manifesto undertakes to “control immigration from both the East and the West and associate immigration quotas with the number of indigenous people.
“We will bring citizenship and permanent residence into line with world-wide accepted norms and objectives. We ensure that foreign citizens who have been punished under criminal law and have been hostile to the Estonian state are not granted Estonian citizenship and their residence permits are withdrawn.
“We will cancel citizenship for violation of the loyalty oath and for persons who have received it by naturalization without giving up their previous citizenship. Unlawfully obtained Estonian citizenship is invalid—we will render this offense retroactive.
“In cooperation with international organizations, we support the repatriation of materially displaced persons to their ethnic homeland.”
On the topic of children and families, the party states that “Children are our greatest and most expensive asset. The Estonian people must be able to regenerate themselves in order to preserve the cultural population and nationality.
“A strong and comprehensive family is the bearer of social cohesion, consensus, continuity of generations, value attitudes and mutual respect.
“We will implement a set of measures and necessary measures to increase population growth, increase the number and proportion of Estonians, create a liveable living environment and halt mass emigration.
“We support Christian values and protect the traditional, holistic family model that includes mother, father, and children.”
The party also undertook to “introduce a regressive step-by-step income tax for families with children: the income tax for parents is reduced for each child raised,” to provide “additional benefits to support families with children in education,” and introduce “Estonian marriage support (20–35) to increase the number of full-fledged families.”
The party added that it would “support young families in building a home, providing benefits depending on the number of children—we will create a national credit system that gives a young family a loan and deletes a portion of the debt with each child’s birth.”