Scientism: Another Jewish Religion

The US is becoming less religious – this is the finding of a Pew Research survey.¹ It is easy to argue that this is a positive thing. For one, it suggests that more white people are thinking critically. It means a possible decline in ‘love thy neighbor’ multiracialism. It also means potentially fewer Americans are falling for the religious rhetoric pushed by the state of Israel and its Christian fans. 
This said, there can also be no doubt that among the masses of atheistic “free thinkers” are people with deeply rooted Judeo-Christian programming. This programming manifests in the form of assumed dogmas, anti-white values, and a desire for messianic leadership.
In his book “Science set Free” (titled “The Science Delusion” in the UK), former Cambridge biochemist Rupert Sheldrake outlines some of the dogmas of modern materialist science. These include assumptions carried over from Christian theology. My purpose here is not to promote Sheldrake or his book, or to present him as necessarily sympathetic to Aryan thought. He is, however, relevant to the discussion of materialism as it has developed in recent years.
Dogmas of Science
Supposedly fixed laws of nature, assumed principles, and the purposelessness of evolution are just a few of the scientific dogmas.
Eternal, fixed, physical laws (such as gravity) are a Biblical concept. Educated Christians of the past needed a way to shoehorn their theology between new discoveries. They imagined the Universe to be a great machine carefully assembled by the jewish god. This concept of a “Great Architect” is also present in Freemasonry.
With a little common sense, this assumption should fall apart almost immediately. The mainstream theory of our cosmic origin suggests that laws governing matter did not exist at all before the big bang. Why then should anyone assume that these laws do not change or undergo cycles? Unlike Christians, our ancient ancestors viewed all celestial things as cyclical rather than linear. Time was imagined to be like a circle, not a straight path from Genesis to Revelation.
The conservation of energy is another fundamental principle of science, which most of us probably learned as children. It states that the total energy of a system is always constant, and that matter is neither created nor destroyed. This principle in fact had its roots in Christian theology before being adopted by modern science. Descartes, for example, believed that matter had to be unchangeable because the jewish god is unchanging.² This opinion was shared by nineteenth century physicist William Thomson who stated that, “it is most certain that Creative Power alone can either call into existence or annihilate mechanical energy.”³
Once again this dogma is flimsy when we consider the big bang origin so cherished by materialists. We are told that matter either came from nowhere, or from a zero-energy state. In either case it seems there is a contradiction.
It does not seem essential to follow the materialist assumption of a purposeless evolutionary process. One example of why we should not follow this assumption is the ancient relationship of Aryan people with nature. 
Aryan people are the product of thousands of years of apparently random evolution, yet they are active participants. Aryans throughout history have helped to maintain the planet and care for its creatures. It could be said they are part of a plan for self-nourishment. Nature produced Aryans to help her maintain good ecological hygiene. Random natural selection was simply to guarantee that the final product would be fit enough for survival. It does not indicate a lack of purpose in evolution.
Christian Moral Conditioning
The modern liberal attitude toward race may also originate in Christianity. Galatians 3:28, for instance, tells us there is no difference between a jew and a Greek. 
I would ask anyone who might defend this Biblical morality to look at images online of all the different races of humanity. Ask yourself if the same “Holy Spirit” can really dwell in all people. In fact it is actually the folk in which one finds one’s eternal soul.
The same is also true for the modern liberal. Liberals largely ignore white genocide because of their Christian programming. Although some of them may have abandoned religion, they still retain their moral conditioning.
Sam Harris
Forced conditioning is a form of jewish moral supremacism. This aspect of jewish consciousness can not be more apparent than in the literature of New Atheist writer Sam Harris. Sam Harris is a jewish neuroscientist. He also insists upon the conspiracy theory that Germany was involved in a cover up of genocide during WW2. Harris has proposed his own idea of a universal morality for all mankind. In this way he plays the role of the jew Moses atop Mt. Sinai.
In his book “Free Will” (Spoiler: Harris does not believe humans have free will), Harris himself feels he has the solution to all evil on Earth, writing:
To see how fully our moral intuitions must shift, consider what would happen if we discovered a cure for human evil. Imagine that every relevant change in the human brain could now be made cheaply, painlessly, and safely. In fact, the cure could be put directly into the food supply, like vitamin D. Evil would become nothing more than a nutritional deficiency.” – pg. 54, 55
What is the author’s idea of “evil” in this case? Of course Harris might mean rape or murder. He could also mean racism, which many materialists regard as a kind of original sin. Would Harris be willing to “cure” homosexuals and degenerates in addition to violent criminals? Should we trust the judgement of an overzealous jew who believes the Holocaust really happened? 
Science as Salvation
Many people look to science as a means by which all the world’s problems will inevitably be solved. Doctors and nameless “experts” serve as an elite clergy to battle the demons of illness, ignorance, and racism. Pharmaceuticals are the daily sacrament. Devotees even prophesize the annihilation of mankind. In the prophecies of Scientism, God does not destroy the world with fire but with global warming.
This desire for a savior comes from a fear of responsibility. Christians believe that regardless of what happens on Earth, there is an eternal paradise waiting for them in death. Likewise, believers in Scientism have faith that all sin will be purged through science and technology. Rather than hold themselves to a high standard, people with strong Christian programming shift responsibility to an exaggerated savior.
The Science religion is in fact the fourth major Abrahamic religion, alongside Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Its prophets are overwhelmingly jewish. It is time we abandon the concept of science as an organized institution and finally free ourselves from jewish dogma. The collective will and ingenuity of great peoples, not an organized science religion, will carry humanity into the future.

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