National Socialist Posters Appear in Shreveport, LA

Posters and flyers for a group linked to a new White nationalist group have appeared in Shreveport's downtown area in Louisiana.
The group, Patriot Front, are a newer patriotic group, who broke away from National Socialist group Vanguard America in 2017. 
The group is not limited online posts, members have hung large banners, posted flyers, and been arrested all around the United States. Recently there were arrests in the Boston area after they were posting white nationalist propaganda flyers. Other examples from the group include hanging a banner that read "Unite the White" on a highway overpass in Austin, Texas, posting a “White Families Matter” banner at Texas State University, and hanging a banner from a highway overpass in Los Angeles that read “Americans are white. The rest must go.”
The posters in Downtown Shreveport match those found a couple of weeks ago in South Shreveport, in the areas around Ellerbe Road and Bert Kouns. The ones posted last night stretched across the Texas Street areas, with posters, flyers, and stickers found near Government Plaza, The Strand Theater, and First United Methodist Church.
Shreveport will be hosting their first major Mardi Gras parade tomorrow, with the Krewe of Centaur rolling at 4:30pm. The floats load in the downtown area, and there will be thousands of people gathering around those streets. Not just Shreveport residents, but many tourists will also be gathering to see the floats before they roll.