Michael Cohen’s lawyer says he is ready to come clean about his ‘chilling’ private interactions with Trump

In a new radio interview with ABC News, Lanny Davis, the lawyer representing President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen revealed that his client is ready to talk publicly about his interactions with the president “behind closed doors.”
Davis told host Kyra Phillips that, while Cohen was willing to help with Trump’s “dirty deeds” when he was a private citizen, he now fears Trump as president because “he’s literally a man without judgment and he scares the you-know-what out of me.” He added that Trump’s characterization of Cohen as a “rat” could put his client in danger from other inmates in federal prison.
What Trump said to Cohen in private conversation, Davis added, was “chilling.”
Cohen lies at the center of much of the wrongdoing that has put Trump in legal jeopardy. He helped facilitate the illegal $130,000 hush payment to porn star Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, in the runup to the 2016 presidential election, for which he ultimately pleaded guilty to eight counts of fraud, tax evasion, and campaign finance violations and claimed that Trump ordered him to break the law.
Cohen later entered into a cooperation agreement with special counsel Robert Mueller as part of the Russia investigation, and admitted to lying to Congress about a plan to build a Trump residential property in Moscow. He has been sentenced to three years in prison.
Now, it seems, he is preparing to tell the public why he was willing to go to such drastic measures for his former boss.