Jews Caused the Civil War - Part 3

       Churchill referred, of course, to the overthrow of the Christian Orthodox Church in Russia and its replacement by a hateful gang of homicidal maniacs, whose unimaginable success was accomplished by the astute financial aid of Jacob Schiff to the Jewish revolutionaries, and by Max Warburg in Germany, who, at the crucial moment of the revolution in Russia, arranged for Lenin to be transported through Germany to Russia in a sealed train to lead the conspirators to their Bolshevik triumph.
        The orgy of murder, torture and pillage which followed the Jewish triumph in Russia has never been equaled in the history of the world. This problem will be resolved in a major revolution in this country. Every active life force in America today is moving us toward this end. It will come when the natural forces of history have culminated in the proper circumstances for the battle to be waged. America will purge itself of the Jew, just as every other Western Nation has. Truth is on the side of a White Western World under Jesus Christ.
        But all of these defeats at the hands of Jackson and the American people didn't deter the bankers from attempting to re-charter the Bank. President John Tyler vetoed two bills in 1841 to revive the Second Bank of the United States. So the Bank's charter expired in 1836 and, for the next 24 years, until the Civil War started in 1861, the United States had no central bank. So for the years up until 1861, at least, the bankers had been foiled in their attempts to completely enmesh the United States in the web of a permanent banking establishment. Now, please observe the development and growth and chronological history of the evil forces which have now captured our country. After the horrors of the French revolution, they used Rhodes Scholarships and other subtle techniques to infiltrate and influence and control colleges, universities, schools, churches, political parties, and high government positions in the United States.
The Jacobins
   1786: The Jacobins, The clubs or lodges of the French Revolution, was founded in 1786. The Bishop of Autun (Talleyrand), Mirabeau, and the Duc d'Orleans, Grand Master of the Grand-Orient de France founded a Lodge in Paris in 1786 which was duly "illuminated" by Bode and Guillaume Baron de Busche. This was the Club Breton which afterwards became known as the Jacobin Club, a name of Templar origin, recalling that of Jacques de Molay. Le Forestier in Les Illumines de Baviere et la Franc-Maconnerie Allemande gives the substance of a book written by Girtaner, quoting the latter as to the funds available at that date for revolution.
        "In his Nouvelles Historiques et considerations politiques sur la Revolution Francaise (1793) the Swiss Girtaner, an ex-freemason who had joined the ranks of the enemies of the sect, states that, from 1786, there had existed in Paris a Propaganda Club whose chiefs were then the Duc de la Rochefoucauld, Grand Master of the Lodge in the Rue Coq-Heron, Condorcet and Sieyes and that the aim of the organization was to further the triumph of dogmatic Atheism and create a great social upheaval. The members charged with spreading the propaganda of the subversive principles of the club numbered 50,000. In 1790, it had twenty thousand livres at its disposal, but by the end of 1791, these had increased to thirty millions." (Les Illumines de Baviere et la Franc-Maconnerie Allemande, p. 635)
        The conspiracy formed by Philippe of Orleans (Duc de Chartres, Masonic name, "Egalite") to overthrow Louis XVI, was directed by Siller and Mirabeau and, of the 605 elected members of the Tiers Etat, 477 deputies were Freemasons. (Les Neuf Soeurs, Louis Aimable) Revolutions cost money. "L'Or de Pitt" (Pitt's gold) had to go through some channel that would not compromise the English government and, in dealing with such a delicate matter as the fostering of revolution in a foreign country, it was good policy to organize a similar movement at home which however should remain abortive, being led by Lord Stanhope, Pitt's brother-in- law.
        In this connection, the history and failure of Wolfe Tone's Bantry Bay expedition is interesting. The history of the Terror in the French Revolution of 1793 is the history of lodges such as that of the Philaletes, among whose members the following Jacobin leaders are known to us chiefly for their uncompromising bestiality. Among the members of the "Club de la Propagande" Condorcet, Duc de la Rochefoucauld, Sieyes, de Beauharnais, Charles Theodore Lameth. Among the members of the Lodge "Les Amis Reunis" Babeuf, Ceruty, Marat, Hebert, Dupont.
        Among the members of the Lodge "Les Neuf Socurs" (Louis Aimable, op. cit.) Condorcet, Jean Sylvain Bailly, Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes, Dom Gerle, Claude Fauchet, Jean Pierre Brissot, Benoit Camille Desmoulins, Cerutti, Danton, Nicholas de Bonneville, Rabaud Saint Etienne, Lalande, Duc de la Rochefoucauld. Among the members of the "Amis des Noirs" (Founded 1787) Brisset, Sieyes, Condorcet, Mirabeau (the elder) duc de la Rochefoucauld, Pelletier de St. Fargeau, Lafayette, Gorsas. Valadi, Carra. Other prominent Jacobin Freemasons of the Revolution of 1793 were: Guillotin, Dupui, Fouche, Rebespierre, Collot-d'Herbois.
        According to Arruel (Histoire du Jacobinisme, Vol. II, p. 446) the last mentioned lodge of the "Amis des Noirs" appears to have been only the cover name behind which operated the Comite Regulateur or Central Committee of the combined lodges and clubs. An international organization with foreign branches in America and Europe, the deliberations of this group of conspirators were sent to the Central Committee of the Grand Orient from where they were relayed to the provinces, addressed to the various Worshipful Masters or Presidents of the Lodges. This group according to Barruel, was the central guiding committee of the Revolution. The "Club Regulateur" is said to have numbered at least 500,000 brothers.
        Lafayette (Loge de la Candeur), when he marched on Versailles at the head of 15,000 national guardsmen and brought the King back to Paris, was already, presumably, fully informed on Dupont's plan of revolution which he himself and Mirabeau had approved at a session of the "Amis Reunis" early in June.
        While remarking that the vote for the death of the King of France, Louis XVI, was carried by a majority of one, Pignatel (Batailles Maconniques, Fernand Pignatel, p. 143) further states that, in consequence of certain irregularities in the balloting, some five votes for death were cast by unqualified persons while four others voted twice. After the storm of revolution had subsided, the power in France seems to have been vested in the Comite de Salut Public, but the 300 who controlled France and of whose power we read in Memoirs of the time (Autobiography of Wolfe Tone) were the 300 Masonic leaders.
        That they in turn were controlled by a small clique is obvious. Even the 300 Masonic leaders of the French Revolution of 1793 seem to have had their successors in modern history -- Rathenau mentioned them in his works. One of the most interesting episodes of the French Revolution was that known as the Conspiracy of Babeuf. Abeuf formed the Society of the Pantheon which according to Professor Laski (The Socialist Tradition in the French Revolution, Harold J. Laski) was operated by, "a secret committee of direction. Among them were some extraordinary men, Darthe, Sylvain Marechal, Germain and Buonarroti, who was to survive them all and be their historian."
        1861: The Civil War planned, financed and precipitate by the Satanic, Illuminati, Jewish Bankers to divide and weaken and capture the United States. It was money, not slavery, that caused the Civil War. The conspirators have planned, caused and financed every bloody War for hundreds of years.
Civil War
        In the guise of the Roman Catholic Church, the Red Dragon, who was, "...wroth with the woman {National Israel -- United States} went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which {nationally} keep the {10} commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ." (Revelation 12:17)
        Since the Dragon was not able to destroy the "manchild nation" {America} as soon as it was born, sought to exterminate it with his secret weapon masquerading as the Roman Catholic Church. Samuel Morse, father of electronic telegraphy, found out about the conspiracy of Rome to kill our young American Republic and published in 1834 his remarkable work, Conspiracies Against the Liberties of the U.S.