‘I trusted you!’ Trump voters (white idiots) seethe after realizing they’re getting screwed by the GOP’s tax plan

Multiple supporters of President Donald Trump over the past couple of weeks have taken to Twitter to air their grievances about the president’s signature tax cut plan.
Even though the 2017 GOP tax cut is leading to spiking federal deficits thanks to its generous benefits to corporations, many middle-class Americans are winding up having to pay more because the bill eliminated multiple deductions used by middle-class families to lower their annual tax payments.
Among other things, the tax bill capped deductions for taxes paid to state and local governments, while massively increasing the amount of money you must donate to qualify for a charitable giving deduction.
Several Trump voters who have done their taxes are not happy about this and they’re letting both the president and the Republican Party hear it — check out some of their tweets below.
I am a Republican voter. I just did our taxes.

The @GOP tax bill cost my family THOUSANDS of dollars this year on our return due to changes, thereby hitting us with the LARGEST tax increase of our lives.

We are middle-class homeowners, and you raised our taxes.

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I have to pay $2000 MORE in taxes this year! What happened?? I voted for you and thought you were fixing this, not making it worse!? I thought I would get money back this year!?
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Voted for you . Family of
2 hard working N.Y. cops. Did taxes for years we would pay more and get a refund at the end of the year to help pay debt . First time in 30 years We had to pay more in Federal
Taxes. I’m disgusted
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@POTUS thank you for screwing the middle class with your tax reform. I have never in my life, I’m 49 years old, had to pay into the IRS until this year. We have a combined income of 150,000. The middle class voted for you. I will not make the same mistake twice.
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@RepDonBacon I just finished my taxes and we're paying an extra 4k this year since exemptions are gone. With a High D HC plan, this has not been a good year. I voted for you twice now. What's the plan?
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@realDonaldTrump I voted for you, and believe in the things you are doing, but you screwed us middle class with taxes. I can’t itemize or anything. How about a flat tax and get rid of earned income credit. Some don’t earn income but get more back in taxes for having baby’s.
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I voted for you the first time but after you screwed me on my get tax break I won’t vote for you again especially after I started on my 2018 return it’s a joke the taxes you are keeping from a working person good luck in 2020
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Worse tax return I had in a decade! I admit I voted for @realDonaldTrump but he has officially lost my vote for 2020.
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Wait til you file your taxes. Middle class just lost half their return. Lowest refund I have ever had and I am 50yrs old. No wall and now this tax reform sucks too!! Starting to doubt Trump. I voted for him and trusted him too.
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