Guaranteeing the Continuity of White Civilization

By Eric Thomson (1990)
I am a White Nationalist. As such, I believe that Our Race is Our Nation. The original, non-Zionist meaning of the word, Nation, meant a People. It had nothing to do with a particular geographical boundary. The Zionists, on the other hand, imposed upon most of us their definition of “Nation”, which they define as a piece of land or a political state, no matter what race or races live within such often arbitrary lines on the map. Too many of us today are confused because we use the Zionist definition of “Nation”, rather than the true biological meaning.
As a White Nationalist I seek no domination over other races. I am not a White Supremacist and we should not let the Zionists brand us as such. I want Our Race to be free to choose our form of government and our government’s policies. I want self-government for Our Race in our own living space. The realization of the following 15 points would achieve for us these goals and would guarantee for us the continuity of White Civilization:
(1) To provide White People with a political party which represents their interests as White People.
(2) To rid ourselves of Zionist welfare state socialism.
(3) To unify the White Tribes of the world.
(4) To halt our racial retreat from victory.
(5) To remove the alien exploiters and parasites from our midst.
(6) To free ourselves from the irresponsible tyranny of organized crime, bloated bureaucracy, big business, big labor and secret societies.
(7) To regain national control of our money from the Zionist bankers of the Federal Reserve.
(8) To re-establish White Law and White Order in a White Society and thereby, to return Our Nation to the path of progress.
(9) To rid our society of crime and degeneracy.
(10) To create a White Society in which our racial virtues of honesty, integrity and responsibility shall be promoted instead of punished.
(11) To protect the family, which is the basis of our society and of Our Race.
(12) To ensure that honest labor and not sterile speculation is rewarded.
(13) To separate the Races into self-governing Nationstates.
(14) To provide healthy and productive activities of which our youth can be proud.
(15) To remove alien control from White Culture, which is the source of our spiritual nourishment and from the professions on which we depend in our hour of need.
I think that our fellow White Nationalists would agree with these points and could probably come up with ones in addition which would also be desirable. But even if we all agree about the goals which we want Our Race to achieve, we must be careful and discriminating about the means we choose, otherwise we may needlessly suffer death or imprisonment at the hands of our Zionist oppressors, and no racial revolution will be won.