Glowing Nordfront Banner Lights up Ludvika, Sweden

Nordic Resistance Movement members from Nest 5 displayed a new LED banner on a bridge above Highway 66 outside Ludvika, Sweden.
The banner, with the address of the organisation’s Swedish website – – shined brightly, bathing the surroundings in its green glow. The activists also signalled their presence with green flares and held the organisation’s Tyr Rune flags.
The activity passed without problems, and many drivers flashed their lights and beeped their horns in a show of encouragement as they drove past. The police turned up after a while and parked their car five meters away with their main beams directed at the activists. Ironically, this was to their advantage, as it better lit up the flags for all to see.
It was the first public display of the banner, which had been gifted to the Nest by the Finnish branch during the Activist Days event the day before.