Don Trump Jr. insists his dad’s tax cut is great — but Trump supporters (white idiots) tell him they’re getting ‘fucked’

Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday issued yet another defensive tweet insisting that his father’s signature tax cut plan is working as intended — but even some Trump supporters replied to tell him they aren’t happy.
In his tweet, Trump Jr. correctly pointed out that a significant majority of Americans are paying less in taxes thanks to the 2017 tax cut law. The problem is that the IRS decided to withhold less money throughout the year, which made for bigger paychecks, but also meant that Americans aren’t getting the same big refunds that they’ve gotten in years past.
Most Middle-Class Americans Got Tax Cuts Despite Smaller Early Refunds The smaller refund checks, were not indicators that taxes have gone up.

For middle-class families with children, over 80 percent got tax cuts. 

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Additionally, the tax plan wiped out many of the most popular deductions used by many American tax payers, such as slapping a limit on the amount you can deduct for paying state and local taxes.
Given this, even some Trump supporters are saying that they have been hit with a financial shock after they calculated their taxes this year, which has made it harder for them to pay for certain planned expenses.
Check out some of the reaction to Trump Jr.’s tweet below.
Love you @DonaldJTrumpJr but I am getting fucked in my tax return and I had no way to prepare for it... First time I will one in my life.. I feel a bit cheated.. I didn’t even notice my paychecks were a bit bigger because I switched jobs beginning of year

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Here in Ohio too- add the other deductions removed ( ie home office for one in our case) and it's a loss. Sorry Jr. but you've got this wrong.

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@DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump need to get the working class a bigger pay raise and bigger tax refund. Maybe better health care and prescription drug cuts. Get them votes.

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Personal exemptions gone. Itemized deductions capped and done away with. Converting from itemized deductions to the standard deduction means tax increase. The middle class gets screwed.

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When the changes were abounded I doubled my extra withholdings. I got back $200 less than before. Explain that.

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Just stinks we got way less like 6k less. I get it, just we used & depended on that money for our kids schooling. 🥺 keep on fighting! We live on Long Island in NY I feel we pay for the entire state.

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You're so full of shit! Had to increase withholding just so I wouldn't have to cut a check. You can say this tax cut was for the middle class, but a Trump isn't known to be a stickler for the truth. I'm middle class and my family got scammed. Enjoy prison. You earned it.

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Not where I live in New Jersey I paid about three grand more because of the deductions that your father and his crime buddies took away from us.

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