For some reason Black people don’t seem to understand that neither Heaven nor The Africa of Their Dreams, exists.
Like ROOTS, The BLACK PANTHER film is fictional yet makes you yearn (mourn?) for Africa. And also like Roots — That’s the damn problem. Because that Africa does not exist.
Except, in Hollywood’s Imagination that’s sold to the Soul of Us Black Folk as our Realization.
For example, Sold is exactly what they did with Alex Haley’s Roots, the 1967 book which became the 1977 TV Miniseries that led to a heap o’ desire in us black folk to go back to or visit Africa to see where our alleged historical enslavement began (hint: it wasn’t Africa).
Because of Roots black folk were now in the mood to touch the land ofour Royal Bloodline in the muds of Gambia — which is a beautiful thought. Especially, when you consider no black slave named Kunte Kinte — or Alex Haley for that matter — actually came from any Gambian Village Hut or African tribe. Period.
Maybe Kente Cloth came from Africa. But not Kunte Kinte.
However, that didn’t stop Doubleday Publishing and Wolper Productions from bringing the false Roots narrative to the book pages and television screens of impressionable, young black minds and yearning old black heads, everywhere — and presenting it as Truth. (And as if to add insult to injury they remade Roots and aired it again in 2016. Apparently, Hollywood wasn’t going to stop until they got Kunte Kinte’s other foot, too).
Yet, as False a narrative as both these works of fiction are — one dealing with a past that never was and the other dealing with a future that will never be — except in the minds of Hollywood, hope springs eternal in the breasts of Us Black Folk that one day we’re going to get back to the (Mountain) Top as long as we embrace Africa as our True Original Homeland.
See, that’s the unspoken deal.
If we want to be Superheroes we had better acknowledge our originsfrom Africa.
Embrace Africa as our origins. Even though, Africa has never, truly embraced US.
(by the way, it’s nearly a Billion Negroes in Africa and they haven’t revolted yet against the 6 white men running it — So what makes any one think 40 million Negroes in America can do anything)?! NEVERMIND.
Meanwhile, they’ve been Selling Africa (and Heaven) to Us for years.
For example, you ever noticed that most of the shit that makes black people great or famous originated in Africa but not America?
  • Kingdoms and Queendoms
  • Gold and Silver
  • Melanin
  • Dance
  • Spirituality
  • Sports
  • Yuge Penises
  • Big Asses
  • Ashyness
  • shea butter
Back to Roots — which was a little bit more Primitive in its depiction of Africa than the Afro-futuristic aesthetic of Black Panther.
Sidenote: why couldn’t something have been done about Forest Whitaker’s Wandering Eye with all that technology at hand? Also who’s idea was the Corning Dishware Plate-Lipped Brother? Might as well have showed Sistas getting their Clits nipped, too. Lastly, how the Q-Dogs get a barking role in the movie as Ape Men?
At any rate, Kunte was still a proud Mandinka Warrior. His bloodline was considered of the Warrior class and therefore of Royal extraction.
Haley and Hollywood exploited the African Thang and helped embed black minds with the idea of tracing their own American ancestral bloodline back to Africa. Because Black People are from Africa.
Of course, in today’s world all of this tracing of blood and DNA is controlled by white business men looking to make a quick buck off Us black folks hopes and dreams of Belonging to The Motherland.
White Folks Sell Black Folks Africa when it oughta be the other way around.
Yet, it’s always been like that.
White Folks sold Black Folks Egypt and the Pyramids.
White Folks sold Black Folks Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
Your Roots we were told.
AFRICA. YOU MUST GO BACK HOME (those are the Hollywood created ancestors calling us to come back to Africa where we belong).
Here’s the thing.
Black People have always defined culture. And White America re-definesit. And sells the hell out of it. Back to Us Black Folk. New and Improved, of course.
And We gullible negro fools think we’re making our story.
When the Truth is our story was made for us — and it’s his story.
Like Black Panther. Imagined in Beautiful Africa. Made in Fake Hollywood (along with Roots).
Indeed, Black Panther is one of those movies Hollywood loves to sell to black folks because it soothes the savage beast that beats deep in our bosoms.
I’m talking about that Beast that makes us revolutionaries.
The Beast that makes us Stop Complaining — and Fight Back with a viable plan of action.
The Beast that wakes Us the hell up.
And America doesn’t want that.
Hell, even some Black People in America don’t want Revolution, either.
They would rather maintain the Status Quo.
The reistance to change is underscored in the movie when Killmonger: the revolutionary, metrosexual, villain/wannabe thug/MIT Graduate with Gold Teefess (actor Michael B. Jordan) — and Black Panther conservative negro, president, talented 10th, upstanding beta male (actor Chad Boseman) square up to fight.
What makes this so worrisome is that Killmonger and Black Panther are cousins as well as Thug and Superhero, respectively. Their Daddies are brothers.
See what I mean? Why a Black Superhero still gotta deal with them ghetto ass family and friends tho?!
But I never saw Superman have to fight his own close people.
Did Batman have to fight Robin?
Did Spiderman have to kill his cousin?
At the end of the day this movie can be summed up in one sentence: Black Folks can’t get along in Africa.
Black Folks can’t get along in America.
According to social critic, Neely Fuller, BLACK PEOPLE CAN’T GET ALONG. PERIOD. AND NEVER WILL.
Naturally, the movie has been divisive all over social media as was want to happen according to the script that was all already written in Hollywood.
Unfortunately, black people are hooked on the Dope of Hope and Dreams sold by the three main industries of Hollywood, Religion and History.
We’re Junkies, baby. Strung Out on what used to be and what gone be.
I’m sure, deep down, Us Black Folk know Black Panther is not Real but it feels so good playing in our Minds that its GOT to be real.
Its got us higher than a Midget on a Cloud.
Orgasmic feelings are running all through our synapses as we eat our popcorn and clap at The African Dream Team assembled before us on the silver screen.
Yearning for our Glorious PastFuture Africa (once again).

Meanwhile, what’s going to happen after Black Panther?
— Some Negro is going to name his son or daughter Wakanda, T’Challa or Vibranium.
— A few happy discussions will be conducted under the aegis of grant money used to fund a program called The Superhero In The Hood: The Young Black Lil Killmonger Among Us And How We Can Save Him or some similar bullshit to that.
— Social Media beefs between The Hopefuls and The Wokefuls.
— Another mass shooting by another mentally troubled white boy at another school in another white community.
— Another singular shooting of another thugly troubled black man by another white or black cop in another black hood.
— Black Panther makes a gazillion dollars most of which will continue in a straight line into the pockets of Hollywood Pedophiles.
--A Resurgence in PAN-AFRIKANISM.
— The End —
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