You Were My Favorite

You Were My Favorite

It is the most I can do
To make this call to speak the truth
To sing melodic words out loud
In hopes that you will believe them
So I write another poem for you
And now this will make three
Still I never know where to start
So I will end it at this

My eyes will always remain fixed on you
So that you will never feel unloved

Please wait for me to move out east
It will be fine if you don’t 
I pray that you know
You are my favorite thing
About the east coast

I want you to stay
I pray that you will wait
Still here I am
Counting the hours
Till you are here with me

This will be the last thing I do
You know how bad I am at goodbyes
The best thing I can do
The longest days missing you
You were all I could look forward to
To come back to where you are
I will leave it at that