Finland: 15 Nonwhite Invader-Refugees arrested in Sex Abuse Gang Investigation

Police in the Finnish town of Oulu have announced that they have uncovered a major sex abuse gang of nonwhite invader-refugees who raped and sexually abused a number of white girls under the age of 15.
According to a report in Finnish public broadcaster YLE, police said that a preliminary investigation had started involving four new suspected sexual offenses targeted at girls under the age of 15. The charges include rape, gross sexual exploitation of children and sexual exploitation of children.
The first of the many nonwhite sex crimes in Oulu first became known at the end of last year. The latest arrests bring to 15 the total number of nonwhites arrested in Oulo so far,
According to the police, the nonwhite gang all exploited the same set of white girls—in a direct parallel with the already well-known nonwhite rape and grooming gangs operating in Britain.
At least one of the nonwhites identified fled Finland when his name first surfaced, and has been arrested by police in Saarbrücken, Germany. He is currently being deported back to Finland to face trial.
News of the latest arrests prompted Finland’s Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen, to demand that his country start depriving criminal nonwhite invader “refugees” of residence rights and citizenship and deport them back to their homelands.
Speaking on YLE’ Morgonettan program, Mykkänen said that “You cannot come to Finland to seek protection and then create insecurity yourself.”
He also expressed support from “refugee” processing centers outside of the European Union’s borders—a plan that has already been rejected by the nonwhite nations bordering Europe.

Typically for civic nationalists like Mykkänen—who represents the “center right” National Coalition Party, and who therefore has no real understanding of race or its relatedness to the maintenance of culture and civilization—added that he also wants those immigrants who have permanent residence to “commit to Finnish values.”