Ethnic Jewish Roots of Pope Bergoglio

There is a strong connection with the Jewish circle in Italy ; . 

Pope Bergoglio originates from the area of Piemonte - Genoa on the line of herding and from Livorno by mother. That's close to each other. In Livorno and its surroundings there is a large and strong Jewish community that has had a major impact on the events surrounding the tragic unification of Italy directed by Jewish bankers from England, with whom he was a very close ally and associate Guseppe Mazzini.
"Cogorno - The research conducted by the Sivori family from Cogorno has found further confirmation, which a few months ago discovered the documents that testify to the relationship of kinship with Pope Francis, namely Jorge Mario Bergoglio Sivori. Thanks to the deeds preserved in the parish registers and archives of the Municipality of Cogorno, Ms. Angela Sivori has reconstructed in detail her family tree, intertwined with that of the Pope since 1850, when the great-uncle of Angela, Vincenzo Girolamo Sivori, married in Argentina Caterina Sturla, also a native of the Lavagnese hinterland and equally emigrated to South America as a child.

A meticulous work of reconstruction of the genealogy of both families has in fact allowed to demonstrate not only the fact that Vincenzo Sivori was born in Cogorno, from where he emigrated in 1860, but that also his future bride Caterina came from the same place. The maternal branch of the ancestry of Mario Bergoglio (the ancestors of his mother Regina Maria) would therefore be entirely Ligurian, and in particular the origin of Tigullio. The love between Vincenzo and Caterina would have blossomed in a foreign land, but probably the two families had always known each other and had decided to emigrate in the same years, to then find themselves in Buenos Aires.

After writing a letter to the Vatican in September, the Sivori continued their research, digging into family trunks and looking for confirmation even at the Buenos Aires registry office, where they are in contact with a cousin. Among the latest documents found at home, and kept for over a century in the ancient family tavern of via della Chiesa 96 in Cogorno, there are two significant private scripts: both seem to establish a relationship between the Sivori and the Sturla ."