The Reason why Everyone Should Protect Their Race

Why should we protect our race? Is there any reason for it?
The truth is that we should not look for a reason. And I don’t mean it in a sense that it would not matter if our race goes extinct, but I mean it in a sense that we must see our race as an extension of our family. Everyone, including those who don’t belong to our race, should see race in this way.
If a burglar threatens to kill your family, by using a combination of force and psychology, with such questions as: “why can’t I kill your family?” or “What would it matter if they are dead?”, you are not going to argue with him. You are not going to present any reasons for it.
If that burglar uses psychological arguments, then that means that he is trained in psychological warfare. It means that he will try to find something to make you agree with him concerning the question of killing your family.
What you will do in such a situation is struggle and do everything to save your family by killing, wounding or expelling the burglar. If you are too late to rescue them, you will avenge your family.
Blood is the only reason; all the other reasons are nothing more than a waste of argument.
Even if your family existed of nothing but complete degenerates, then still blood is the only reason.
We must defend our extended family, as well as the extended families of all peoples who are threatened by burglars who are extremely savage beyond belief, and who enjoy more than 3000 years of training in psychological warfare.