Trump promotes fan account image fantasizing about jailing Mueller and Rosenstein for ‘treason’

President Donald Trump retweeted four posts in a row from a fan account, including an image showing Barack Obama, deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein and special counsel Robert Mueller in a jail cell for “treason.”
The president fired off a tweet Wednesday morning bitterly complaining that Mueller was pressuring “at least 3 major players” to plead guilty in the Russia probe, and then shared four tweets in quick succession from “The Trump Train” account, which his account does not follow.
Two of the posts made false claims about undocumented migrants — described as “illegals” — and another attacked General Motors for shutting down plants after receiving a taxpayer-funded bailout approved by former president George W. Bush.
If GM doesn't want to keep their jobs in the United States, they should pay back the $11.2 billion bailout that was funded by the American taxpayer.
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Illegals can get up to $3,874 a month under Federal Assistance program. Our social security checks are on average $1200 a month.

RT if you agree: If you weren't born in the United States, you should receive $0 assistance.
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Will CNN ever ask Border Patrol agents how they felt having large rocks chucked at them by criminal illegals?
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Trump infrequently retweets content, but those retweets are often from accounts associated with right-wing extremists.

The string of bizarre retweets come one day ahead of the one-year anniversary of Trump sharing three videos from the far-right Britain First group attacking Muslims.