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The Jew Michael Cohen reaches plea deal with Mueller — and he’ll offer new ‘testimony potentially damaging to Trump’: report

Former Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen has reached a new plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller in which he will offer “potentially damaging” testimony against President Donald Trump.
According to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, Cohen will plead guilty to making false statements to Congress during past testimony, and he will then provide “dozens of hours of testimony” that is “potentially damaging” to the president. While it’s not clear what testimony Cohen will provide, Stephanopoulos says that the special counsel’s office finds the information he’s offering valuable.
Michael Cohen, Pres Trump’s former personal attorney, reaches new plea deal with Mueller this morning. Expected to enter guilty plea for false statements to Congress coupled with dozens of hours of testimony potentially damaging to Pres Trump--Special Counsel values testimony.

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ABC News’ sources say that Cohen is now admitting that he lied to Congress in closed-door testimony about contacts that he’d had with Russian nationals during the 2016 presidential campaign.
Earlier this year, Cohen pleaded guilty to making illegal hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal “at the direction” of Trump, who was described in the plea as a candidate for federal office.

Cohen also admitted in his plea that he made the illegal payment “for the purpose of influencing” the 2016 presidential election by covering up the president’s “alleged affairs.”

Donald Trump may have just lied his way into prison

Pay close attention to the front page story in Wednesday’s New York Times about Paul Manafort’s lawyer cooperating with Trump’s lawyers. It may well prove to be very important news just a short way down the road.
Bob Somerby at The Daily Howler, among others, has poked fun at the piece since it basically has one key new fact, not the torrent of them we find in so many other important stories about Trump White House intrigues.
Its sole named source is Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s television lawyer. Giuliani acknowledged that information gleaned from Manafort’s meetings with FBI agents and prosecutors as a cooperating witness was being passed to Team Trump by Manafort lawyer Kevin Downing.
That one fact could well doom Trump’s presidency and perhaps land Trump and others behind bars.
As The Times notes, there is nothing illegal about what Downing did. That said, this double-agentish conduct would make excellent fodder for law school lectures on ethics, law enforcement and risky criminal defense strategies.
After Manafort was convicted of eight federal felonies last August and was about to endure the costs of a second federal trial, the former Trump campaign manager agreed in September to cooperate with Muller’s prosecution team.
We call that “flipping” because you switch sides, from criminal to law enforcement. Flipping requires criminals to be completely truthful in every detail with prosecutors about known crimes as well as disclosing still hidden criminal activity.
That Mueller’s team knew enough to say it can prove Manafort lied repeatedly and committed new crimes in doing so had to vex Trump.In breaking its plea agreement with Manafort, the special prosecutor’s office said that after flipping sides, Manafort lied to FBI agents and prosecutors again and again. They promised a detailed recitation of these additional crimes in their pre-sentencing report on Manafort.
Now jump forward to the days after this fall’s congressional elections, when the White House revealed that Trump was working with his own lawyers to answer written questions submitted by Mueller’s team.
The day after the election, Trump forced the resignation of Jeff Sessions as attorney general and installed Matt Whitaker, an Iowa lawyer deeply involved in an investment scam who had repeatedly said he favored shutting down the Russia investigation and disbanding the Mueller team. Two days after Sessions’ removal, multiple news reports appeared about “Manafort’s apparent lack of cooperation” resulting in “increasingly tense” talks with Mueller’s team appeared. ABC News, citing one source familiar with the talks, reported that Mueller’s team is “not getting what they want” from Manafort. Leaks of this kind never come from prosecutors, indicating a new shift in strategy by lawyers for Trump and his potential co-defendants.
Two days after the election, Trump told a Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper, the New York Post, that he would not “rule out” a pardon for Manafort a signal to the jailed felon that he was still in good stead with Trump. Today Trump reiterated that position, which could be seen as obstruction of justice by dangling a pardon to cover up Trumpian crimes.
Significantly, Whitaker has not been confirmed by the Senate, making his appointment contrary to our Constitution. At a testy White House press conference on Nov. 9, Trump said “I don’t know Matt Whitaker” and was unaware of Whitaker’s strong views on Mueller’s Russia investigation, a surprisingly blatant lie even by Trumpian standards since in October Trump spoke of his regard for Whitaker.If Trump and his lawyer relied on what Manafort’s lawyer passed on from meetings with Team Mueller, this double-agent legal game may blow up in Trump’s face.
On Nov. 15, Trump wrote this tweet: “The inner workings of the Mueller investigation are a total mess. They have found no collusion and have gone absolutely nuts. They are screaming and shouting at people, horribly threatening them to come up with the answers they want. They are a disgrace to our Nation…”
On the very next day, Friday, Nov. 16, he said that he had finished preparing written answers to questions posed by Mueller. He also insisted that he wrote his own answers, not relying on his lawyers except for legal form, and they were easy questions to answer.
The idea that Mueller’s extraordinary team was clueless about the sincerity of Manafort’s conduct after he claimed to have flipped to the prosecution’s side seems preposterous.
More likely the prosecutors quickly figured out that Manafort was insincere and exploited the hubris of two con artists, Manafort and Trump, letting them walk down their own primrose path [See Hamlet, Act I, Scene 3].
If Trump and his lawyer relied on what Downing passed on from meetings with Team Mueller, using it to shape the written answers to Mueller’s questions, this double-agent legal game may blow up in Trump’s face.
Police and prosecutors are allowed to lie to suspects. They do it all the time, planting fake facts to draw out criminal conduct and establish conspiracies. If they had indeed figured out that Manafort was not being straight with them they could easily frame questions to mislead, offer fake facts, withhold real facts and imply ignorance to flush out Trump.
Keep in mind that Trump is a terrible witness. That’s why he fought testifying before a grand jury and answering only written questions.
As I showed in my 2016 biography, The Making of Donald Trump, he has a long and well-documented history of just making stuff up even when he is under oath, trying to bluff his way out of situations and, especially, counting on prosecutors and plaintiff’s lawyers not being fully prepared and determined to pin down facts. A federal judge, after a trial over his failure to pay several hundred illegal immigrants working on the Trump Tower project, found Trump’s testimony not credible.
Trump is highly susceptible to hearing what he wants to hear. And he can be frighteningly gullible, as we have seen in his loving embrace of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, modern tsar Vladimir Putin and other totalitarians.
Fed the misinformation by Team Mueller—which it has every right and duty to if it will flush out crimes—Trump would be inclined to embrace fake facts and use them in an effort to escape responsibility for his conduct.
If I’m right about this, it may become crucial for state-level prosecutors in New York, Virginia, and the District of Columbia to indict Manafort sooner rather than later for felonies that he admitted under oath in his now broken cooperation agreement with Mueller.
That way, if Trump pardons Manafort, or grants him clemency, state authorities can arrest him before he is released from federal custody, closing any window of opportunity he might use to flee the country.

If you missed The Times report by Michael S. Schmidt, Sharon LaFraniere and Maggie Haberman, I recommend you read it—and maybe save a copy for future reference.

The White Freemason and Zionist Rand Paul: Aid to Israel should be ‘limited in time and scope’

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Sen. Rand Paul acknowledged that he had placed a hold on major funding legislation for Israel, saying he wanted time limits on assistance to the Jewish state.
The Kentucky Republican also said he wanted cuts in aid to countries he says are hostile to the United States.
“While I’m not for foreign aid in general, if we are going to send aid to Israel it should be limited in time and scope so we aren’t doing it forever, and it should be paid for by cutting the aid to people who hate Israel and America,” Paul’s office said in an statement emailed Tuesday to the media.
Paul said he planned to introduce an amendment to the legislation, the United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018, in coming days. The bill codifies into law the $38 billion defense aid package for Israel over 10 years that was negotiated in the final days of the Obama administration.
The Washington Free Beacon first reported Paul’s hold, a parliamentary procedure that allows senators to prevent a motion from reaching a floor vote, and which usually is anonymous. The hold has been countered vigorously by major pro-Israel groups, including the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and Christians United for Israel, through online ads and action alerts to membership. CUFI has specifically targeted Paul through actions in Kentucky, including ads in newspapers there.
In his statement, Paul blamed AIPAC and other unnamed pro-Israel groups for not meeting his demands.
“Each time I’ve tried to stop giving aid to enemies of the U.S. and Israel, I have been thwarted. Often by groups that claim they are pro-Israel,” he said. “Why would supposedly pro-Israel groups oppose my legislation to end aid to the Palestinian Liberation Organization? Maybe it’s because they fear any debate on anyone’s foreign aid threatens a broader debate on whether we should be borrowing from foreign countries simply to send the money to other foreign countries.”
AIPAC has in the past opposed radical cuts to the Palestinians, heeding in part Israeli security officials who say the assistance helps stabilize the region. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has recently endorsed President Donald Trump’s wide-reaching cuts in assistance to the Palestinians. It is not clear yet whether AIPAC is on board with the cuts as well.
AIPAC also vigorously advocates for foreign assistance in general, which Paul opposes. The lobby believes broader foreign assistance is critical because it advances U.S. influence generally and builds support for Israel overseas, and because making Israel a special case while other countries are neglected does Israel no favors.
Asked about Paul’s claims, AIPAC’s spokesman, Marshall Wittman, would only say, “We believe it is critical for Congress to adopt this legislation before adjourning given the growing threats to Israel’s security from Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas.”
CUFI noted in its statement that it has supported cuts to assistance to the Palestinians, and said the argument over those cuts were not germane to aid to Israel bill.
“Sen. Paul’s decision to hold this bill does not make America safer and does not ensure taxpayer dollars are used most efficiently – quite the opposite,” said CUFI Action Fund Chairwoman Sandra Parker. “Aid to Israel provides the U.S. with an extraordinary return on investment.”
The Senate passed the act in early August and the House of Representatives followed suit the following month. Now the Senate must pass a final version in line with the bill passed by the House.
The $38 billion deal negotiated in 2016 is the most generous ever to Israel. The act also expands a stockpile of weapons that the United States keeps in Israel, which may access the stockpile in wartime. It also enhances Israel’s qualitative military edge and urges space research cooperation between Israel and the United States.
Paul, a presidential candidate in 2016, alienated pro-Israel Republicans almost as soon as he became a senator in 2011, when he embraced his congressman father’s longtime call to cut defense assistance to Israel. The younger Paul later backtracked, saying he regarded Israel as a close ally, and would cut assistance only once it was clear the country was self-sufficient in its defense needs.

Former SS Guard Charged with Being Accessory to over 36,000 Deaths

A German federal court has charged a 95-year-old man for "being partially responsible for the deaths of thousands of people during the Second World War".
The old individual, who has been identified only by his first name and surname initial (Hans H) for legal reasons, served as an SS guard at the Mauthausen concentration camp, in Austria. Although he was stationed there for only a brief period (second-half of 1944 to early 1945), the man has been accused of "being an accessory to the death of thousands of inmates". More specifically, he is accused of the deaths of a staggering 36,223 people. Mauthausen was a relatively small camp. 
The federal prosecutor said that Hans H, who served in as an SS Rottenfuehrer, a rough equivalent of a corporal, was fully aware of "all the killing methods as well as the disastrous living conditions of the incarcerated people at the camp." Consequently, he made "easier the many thousands of deaths carried out by the main perpetrator."
According to the evidence, he served as an outer perimeter guard and as prisoner work detail guard. The defence lawyers have yet to make a statement. A federal judge will now decide whether to proceed with a trial. But even if the case proceeds, the former SS guard won’t see the inside of a prison cell. His advanced age and past cases suggest that he will either be confined in his residence or in a hospital until he dies. 
Hans H is the latest of former SS camp guards to face revenge prosecution. Lately, a series of WWII veterans have been called to answer for their contribution in WWII.
Situated 12 miles from the Austrian city of Linz, Mauthausen contained mainly political opponents of National Socialism.

Jews Sue Airbnb over West Bank Listing Ban

Renegade Editor’s Note: I hate the term “Israeli-American,” especially since it was dual-citizens who formed PNAC and then carried out the 9/11 attacks.
(MEMO) A group of Jewish Americans sued Airbnb Inc on Wednesday in US federal court, accusing the home rental company of religious discrimination over its decision last week to remove listings for about 200 homes in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Reuters reports.
The 18 plaintiffs, including Israeli-American families and individuals who said they own or wish to rent affected homes, accused Airbnb of “redlining” Jewish-owned properties while letting Muslims and Christians rent their homes.
They said this effectively left Airbnb taking sides in the dispute over the West Bank, where Palestinians hope to establish an independent state and which Israel captured in 1967, along with East Jerusalem.
“We don’t believe this lawsuit will succeed in court, but we know that people will disagree with our decision and appreciate their perspective,” Airbnb said in a statement.
The complaint was filed in federal court in Delaware, where Airbnb is incorporated, and which the plaintiffs said has jurisdiction over the San Francisco-based company’s alleged violation of US laws against housing discrimination.
“Airbnb has made a religion- and nationality-based decision about who can list,” Robert Tolchin, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said in an interview. “It decided in the United States, ‘We will not list for Jews in the West Bank.’ It should be equal access for all.”
The plaintiffs are seeking injunctive relief and unspecified damages, including for lost rental income.
A separate lawsuit challenging Airbnb’s policy was filed in a Jerusalem court on Nov. 22.
The Delaware case differed by claiming that “Airbnb is violating Americans’ rights, and this can’t be argued in an Israeli court under Israeli law,” Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, another lawyer for the plaintiffs, said in an interview.
Most world powers believe Israel’s settlements on occupied Palestinian land violate international law.
Roughly 500,000 Israelis live in settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
Airbnb’s delisting was announced on Nov. 19 and applies only in the West Bank, where Palestinians have limited self-rule under Israeli military occupation.
While concluding that “companies should not profit on lands where people have been displaced,” Airbnb said it had “deep respect” for the “many strong views” about what to do with disputed lands.
Palestinians in the West Bank have welcomed Airbnb’s decision.
The case is Silber et al v Airbnb Inc, US District Court, District of Delaware, No. 18-01884.

This article originally appeared on Middle East Monitor.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Trump promotes fan account image fantasizing about jailing Mueller and Rosenstein for ‘treason’

President Donald Trump retweeted four posts in a row from a fan account, including an image showing Barack Obama, deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein and special counsel Robert Mueller in a jail cell for “treason.”
The president fired off a tweet Wednesday morning bitterly complaining that Mueller was pressuring “at least 3 major players” to plead guilty in the Russia probe, and then shared four tweets in quick succession from “The Trump Train” account, which his account does not follow.
Two of the posts made false claims about undocumented migrants — described as “illegals” — and another attacked General Motors for shutting down plants after receiving a taxpayer-funded bailout approved by former president George W. Bush.
If GM doesn't want to keep their jobs in the United States, they should pay back the $11.2 billion bailout that was funded by the American taxpayer.
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Illegals can get up to $3,874 a month under Federal Assistance program. Our social security checks are on average $1200 a month.

RT if you agree: If you weren't born in the United States, you should receive $0 assistance.
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Will CNN ever ask Border Patrol agents how they felt having large rocks chucked at them by criminal illegals?
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Trump infrequently retweets content, but those retweets are often from accounts associated with right-wing extremists.

The string of bizarre retweets come one day ahead of the one-year anniversary of Trump sharing three videos from the far-right Britain First group attacking Muslims.

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