Freedom Like A Shopping Kart

Freedom Like A Shopping Kart

A Muslim, a communist and a prostitute, figure out the meaning of freedom
Not freedom like Jewmerica, freedom like a shopping kart
Kill blacks, no frills, get a bag of grub that only costs you a penny
No fear, no fucking kikes, malt liquor tastes better when drunk on the street

Killing has become a way of life, for heroes to hitchhike to the road of heaven
Not heaven like the fake Jewish state, heaven like the state of my mind
Kill spics like the cheap thrills that they are, for you can do anything for a laugh as it kills them
The bridge I destroyed, the ticket masters have suddenly died

Sleeping under the sun as my teeth is crumbling away, time to say goodbye forever
To all of this responsibility that I never wanted at all
I waste time whenever the chance comes
This happens all the fucking time
Kill whites and get free meals for it
A couple of times each day I make some deadly deals

You don’t work you get no fucking pay
Instead you will get a cardboard condominium by the ocean
Between the white and the black, I will never go back
As I say goodbye to responsibilities
Things that I never wanted as a man