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Conspiracy Theory? US Army Has Admitted to Conducting 100s of Germ Warfare Tests On Americans By  Rachel Blevins While the United States government claims to be horrified every time there are reports of a chemical attack that was allegedly carried out by the Syrian government, history serves as a reminder that the U.S. is responsible for carrying out a number of chemical attacks on thousands of unsuspecting Americans, and some of the innocent victims are still suffering from the effects today. In 1977, the U.S. Army admitted that it secretly conducted at least 239 germ warfare tests in the open air in cities across the country between 1949 and 1969. The areas where the lethal germs were simulated on the public were typically in major cities such as Washington D.C., San Francisco, New York City, Key West and Panama City, according to a report the Army submitted to the Senate Health Subcommittee. In the report, the Army insisted that the purpose

Religion – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly By  Ron McVan Christianity has emptied Valhalla, felled the sacred groves, extirpated the national image as a shameful superstition, as a devilish poison, and given us instead the imagery of a nation whose climate, laws, culture and interests are strange to us, and whose history has no connection whatever to our own. A David or a Solomon lives in our popular imagination, but our own century’s heroes slumber in learned history books.” ~ George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel There is no religion more effective than one which is born of its own people, that which molds and cultivates its own character nationhood, concordant with Nature’s laws. All human progress springs from the repeated effort of the soul of man to give expression to those primeval spiritual ideas that were implanted deep within the genetic memory of each species when it first found its identity upon the earth. The old religion of Western culture was

The Trial of Slobodan Milošević and the Corruption of International Justice

Image Slobodan Milošević died in prison in 2006 during a four-year marathon trial at The Hague for war crimes after a shameful show trial. John Laughland was one of the last Western journalists to meet him. He followed the trial from the beginning and wrote extensively on it, challenging the legitimacy of the Yugoslav Tribunal and the utter hypocrisy of ‘international justice’. In his short and readable book Laughland gives a full account of the trial – the longest criminal trial in history – from the moment the indictment was issued at the height of NATO’s attack on Yugoslavia to the day of Milošević’s mysterious death in custody. ‘International justice’ is supposed to hold war criminals to account but, as the trials of both Milošević; and Saddam Hussein show, the indictments are politically motivated and the judicial procedures are irredeemably corrupt. The ICC does not prosec

Jewish Goldman Sachs Report Warns Pharma Companies That Curing Disease Is Bad For Business By  John Vibes There has always been some suspicion that pharmaceutical companies would rather keep people sick and on drugs than cure them in one shot and lose the ability to create return customers. Although the massive motive here is easy to see, with the industry bringing in over  $453 billion  in the United States alone in 2017, many people have a hard time considering that these companies don’t have their customers’ best interest at heart. The idea that these companies would want to keep us sick is dismissed by many as a “conspiracy theory,” but let’s not forget that these companies and their high-level investors are here to sell drugs, not save lives. This point was brought up openly earlier this month in a memo that Goldman Sachs analyst Salveen Richter sent out to clients of the firm, about the potential of curing diseases with gene therapy. Richter

America’s Most Popular Politician Is The Zionist Slut Nikki Haley — Let That Sink In Renegade Editor’s Note : Polls are notoriously inaccurate and deliberately manipulated. By  Middle East Monitor US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley is America’s most popular politician  according  to a study by Quinnipiac University,  CNN   reported  yesterday. Haley is viewed positively by some 63 per cent of US voters, while only 39 per cent gave their approval of US President Donald Trump. Haley’s popularity also stretched to both sides of the political spectrum, with 75 per cent of Republicans, 55 per cent of Democrats and 63 per cent of Independents supporting the former South Carolina governor. She was only exceeded by former president Barack Obama, who was still held in high regard by some 66 per cent of voters. The UN envoy has taken  strong stands in favour of Israel , particularly in the aftermath of the US’  recognition of Jerusalem  as the Israeli capital in Decembe

Freedom Like A Shopping Kart

Freedom Like A Shopping Kart A Muslim, a communist and a prostitute, figure out the meaning of freedom Not freedom like Jewmerica, freedom like a shopping kart Kill blacks, no frills, get a bag of grub that only costs you a penny No fear, no fucking kikes, malt liquor tastes better when drunk on the street Killing has become a way of life, for heroes to hitchhike to the road of heaven Not heaven like the fake Jewish state, heaven like the state of my mind Kill spics like the cheap thrills that they are, for you can do anything for a laugh as it kills them The bridge I destroyed, the ticket masters have suddenly died Sleeping under the sun as my teeth is crumbling away, time to say goodbye forever To all of this responsibility that I never wanted at all I waste time whenever the chance comes This happens all the fucking time Kill whites and get free meals for it A couple of times each day I make some deadly deals You don’t work you get no fucking

Did Avicii’s Music Video About “Elite” (Jews and Freemasons) Child Trafficking Get Him Murdered?

Image Tim Bergling, the Swedish DJ-producer known as Avicii, supposedly killed himself while vacationing in Oman on April 20. His family agrees with the official cause of death, or at least they will not publicly state any suspicions they might have. They released the following statement: He really struggled with thoughts about meaning, life, happiness. He could not go on any longer. He wanted to find peace. Avicii had billions of views on Youtube, topped the charts with his singles, had massive tours around the world, and is one of the most influential musicians in recent history, but that all got cut short. First he dropped from the spotlight, ending his touring in 2016, then came his recent death at the young age of 28. His family continues: Our beloved Tim was a seeker, a fragile artistic soul searching for answers to existential questions… An over-achieving perfectionis

The Blowback Against Facebook, Google and Amazon Is Just Beginning By  Charles Hugh Smith This is how we end up with a neofeudal society that benefits the Protected Few at the expense of the powerless, exploited Many. Blow-out earnings from Facebook and Amazon have cheered Wall Street, but institutional owners might want to focus not just on blow-out earnings but  rising blowback  against the tech superpowers (Facebook, Google and Amazon). The blowback is social and political:  people are starting to question the social and political costs of these tech darlings’ dominance and the billions in profits they reap. The typical corporation can buy political influence, but Facebook and Google are manipulating the machinery of democracy itself.  That’s a much more dangerous type of power than buying political influence or manipulating public opinion by openly publishing biased “news.” We all understand how Corporate Media undermines democracy:  re