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The Truth About America

America is..... 23rd in education in the developed world 37th in healthcare in the developed world 34th in raising family index in the developed world  No high-speed trains throughout most American cities Highest number of homeless people in the developed world Highest number of incarcerated people in the developed world 78 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck The stock market is NOT the economy of the United States 90% of the wealth belongs to the top 10% of the American population

Polling guru who predicted Trump's 2016 victory: 'We’re watching an incumbent self-destruct'

With Election Day just one week away, polls signal that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will take the Oval Office. President Donald Trump's supporters are pointing to the outcome of the 2016 election in hopes that the president will defy the odds. Democratic voters are also on edge because they, too, vividly remember the upsetting outcome of that election.Now, the polling guru who predicted Trump's 2016 win is admitting that he, too, is betting on a Biden win. During a recent interview, Dave Wasserman, a polling expert who analyzes Congressional races polls via the non-partisan Cook Political Report, has revealed just how difficult it will be for Trump to win the upcoming election.According to Vanity Fair columnist Mark McKinnon, the takeaway was clear: the president will ne…

Are Jews White? NYT Op-Ed Sparks Fierce Debate

No, jews are not White, though some have fair skin. This Algemeiner jew is saying that jews are being slurred when his tribesmen are referred to as White. Of course he has to bring up the Holocaust as well.Bitchute link

Mossad brought Chinese coronavirus vaccine to Israel

The Mossad brought China’s coronavirus vaccine to Israel in recent weeks in order to study and learn from it, Channel 12 reported on Monday.Multiple government sources indirectly confirmed the report.The report comes as countries and companies around the world race to develop a vaccine, with cyberattacks and espionage reported against a number of developers.Israel is trying to reach agreements to purchase coronavirus vaccines from several other potential developers, according to a senior Health Ministry official who is in the know.“There are several diplomatic efforts going on behind the scenes,” he told The Jerusalem Post in a private briefing. “We are trying everything we can to ensure Israeli citizens have access to a vaccine as soon…

White Idiot ‘Republicans are very nervous’ about stunning early voting surge: White House reporter

White House reporter Jonathan Lemire said Republicans are growing nervous that the coronavirus surge could give Democrats an even greater advantage in the Nov. 3 election.Democrats have turned out already in greater numbers than Republicans, and the Associated Press correspondent told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that President Donald Trump's team is uneasy about the dynamic that's shaping up."It is very much on the White House's minds, and they're definitely concerned," Lemire said. "They're following the same numbers we are, too, and they try to point as a rebuttal to the idea that there's been a wave this year of new GOP voter registrations, more Republicans who are registered to vote for the first time this year than Democrats."'x"Their aides like to sa…

The White Idiot Donald Trump's last-ditch campaign message is a disaster and betrayal

In the last week before Election Day, Donald Trump and his team have decided the best possible message on the coronavirus pandemic is the same one Trump wanted back in the spring."I wanted to always play it down," Trump told Bob Woodward in a taped conversation on March 19. "I still like playing it down, because I don't want to create a panic."By "panic," of course, Trump meant he didn't want people to have negative feelings that he was worried might imperil his re-election. With the confidence borne from never facing meaningful consequences for decades of sociopathic behavior, the president embraced the idea that as long as he kept accusing the media of exaggerating the virus in order to damage him politically, the public (or at least his public) wouldn't take the coronavirus seriously.On Feb. 2…

Jewish Supremacist Group Condemns Auction of Hitler Speeches in Germany


Speech notes handwritten by Adolf Hitler were sold for €34,000 at a Munich auction house, despite anger from a European Jewish supremacist group.One nine-page manuscript, which outlined a 1939 speech the Führer gave to new military officers in Berlin, sold for well above its starting price.The items in the auction, dating back to before the outbreak of the Second World War, were for speeches to National Socialist organisations and contributors, and referred to Germany's war preparations and the Jewish problem.All were bought by anonymous bidders.Bernhard Pacher, the managing director of the Hermann Historica auction house, defended Friday's sale, saying they were of historical significance and should be preserved in a museum.But the head of the Jewish supremacist European Jewish Association (EJA) said the decision to sell the notes "defies logic, decency a…

Soldiers of Europe: The Men of the Waffen-SS


Published in "Siegrunen" Magazine – Volume 6, Number 3, Whole Number 33, January – March 1984.Since a number of "establishment" historical books written about the Waffen-SS have liberally garnished their hatchet jobs with negative letters attributed to members of the Waffen-SS, we thought that it was high time that the more prevalent positive side of the picture was given some exposure. Hence the various European volunteer letters that will appear in this and future issues of SIEGRUNEN. The letters originally appeared in the SS wartime publication: Aufbruch, Briefe Germanischer Kriegsfreiwilliger, a booklet that was translated into a number of different languages for circulation in the appropriate countries at the time. The letters seem to accurately reflect the most widely held sentiments of the Germanic volunteers and provide an interesting glimpse into the motivating fac…