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America Will Become A One Party State In The Near Future..... Well the entire nation saw what I have been stating since March of last year; Joe Biden would become the president of the United States no matter what anyone tried to do to stop it. This was clear the moment that the Black Freemason Jim Clyburn gave his support to Biden and since that time, I have told people to stop voting; though to be very clear, I have been telling people since 2009 to stop voting in these so called “elections” and the ones who have listened to me and have left the land since that time have never been more happier. I know that many more will leave the country now that Biden has been selected as the next president and it should become very apparent, even to the white idiots who supported Trump, that the agreement between Jews and Masons will go forward with the Sena

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UPDATE: I am officially homeless for an unknown period of time, I will not be able to update this website.  I am hoping that my absence will be a matter of weeks not months but I can make no promises.  Please if you do not hear from me know that I love you all!  Stay safe and blessed!  I have been receiving emails as to why I haven't posted anything in the past few days; the reason for my absence is because of the current winter storm here in Texas, I have lost water, power, and heat in my own home.  I am currently staying in a hotel for the next few days and I hope, with God's grace, that I am able to return to my regular postings by next week.  Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers; I love you all!!! 

Philadelphia: White People Who Want COVID Vaccine are Being Turned Away for Their Race

Image The city of Philadelphia is deliberately denying its white residents access to COVID vaccinations.  A city worker told  National Justice  that the City Council and Mayor's office rejected offers to use the Lincoln Financial Field as a vaccination site solely due to concerns that more white people might get it than blacks. To prevent this from happening, the municipality has tasked an NGO called the Black Doctor's COVID Consortium (BDCC) to distribute vaccinations based on race rather than need.  While it makes scientific sense to reserve vaccines for the elderly and sick, there is no evidence to suggest blacks are more biologically susceptible to COVID than whites. The BDCC has opened up vaccination facilities almost exclusively in majority black neighborhoods. White people have been traveling to these dangerous areas in hopes of receiving the sh

Far-right extremists (white idiots) at each other's throats over fears of who has turned informant  According to a report from the Daily Beast, far-right extremist groups are in turmoil after the Jan. 6th Capitol riot over fears some members may now be FBI informants and as high-ranking members battle each other for leadership positions. The report, from the Beast's Will Sommer and Kelly Weill, states there is a different current of paranoia running through the groups after it was revealed some prominent members -- including a prominent leader of the Proud Boys -- were also working with the government. In late January, Reuters reported that Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio was a "prolific" informant for the FBI, with the report stating Tarrio "cooperated with local and federal law enforcement, to aid in the prosecution of those running other, separate criminal enterprises, ranging from running marijuana growing houses in Miami to operating pharmaceutical fraud schem

Berkeley’s Draconian COVID-19 Restrictions Look More Like Prison Than College   By  Ashley Carnahan  and  Adam Sabes UC-Berkeley is requiring students who live on-campus to undergo a “self-sequester” period, during which students cannot leave their dorm room to go to the store or even exercise outside alone. One student told Campus Reform that the university is placing them under “house arrest.” The University of California-Berkeley imposed a “self-sequester” period through February 15 for all on-campus residents and is not allowing them to go to the store or even exercise outside alone. The strict quarantine measures,  announced  February 1 by university officials, limit students who live on-campus from leaving campus unless it’s an emergency, and require students to stay in their dorm room “as much as possible.” “You are required to remain in your room as much as possible and wear a face covering while in all common areas, including bathrooms (unless br

Israel Threatens to Abandon America, Ally With China And Russia After Securing $40B In U.S. Aid   By  Chris Menahan Knesset member Ayoob Kara, who is part of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, on Tuesday threatened that Israel is prepared to abandon America and ally with China and Russia if Biden “reneges on America’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and signs a nuclear deal with Iran.” The public statement, which our media is refusing to report on, comes a little over one month after the US congress voted to pass a law mandating we send nearly $40 billion in aid to Israel over the next decade (even if, as Nancy Pelosi said,  America “crumbles to the ground” ). “If the United States does not continue to recognize Israel’s sovereignty in the Golan Heights and drastically changes Trump’s Iran policy, Israel will have to consider building a stronger relationship with Russia and China,” Kara said, tweeting out a picture of him

Young Black Woman Shows the Pervasive Anti-White Indoctrination in Book Stores This would be a good clip to share with friends and family who might be more receptive to hearing a non-White person talking about how White people are being targeted. Still, she is using the “people of color” language, which is itself part of the anti-White indoctrination. Regardless, hopefully more and more “POCs” realize they are being played. WorldTruth link

As many as ten GOP senators could be leaning towards convicting The White Jackass Donald Trump According to a report from Politico, as many as ten Republican senators could be leaning towards convicting Donald Trump in his impeachment trial as it moves into what is expected to be its final day. While several GOP lawmakers have been giving overt signs that they feel the Democratic impeachment managers have made a compelling case against the former president, there appears to be a few more who are considering their options and what political fallout they might face with a guilty vote. The Politico report states, "As the Trump defense made its argument on Friday, Republicans privately estimated between 5 and 10 of their senators are seriously weighing conviction. There's no official whip count, and the matter is not being discussed at party meetings, leaving many in the 50-member conference to only guess at their colleague's inclinations." What could lead more R