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COVID-19: The Sins of Greed And Gluttony Are Killing Americans

It was very recently that I was blessed by the Lord to have received a part time job to work in a restaurant setting as a driver and it has helped me continue my education into the ways of this world and to try and comprehend the nature of human beings.  The nation has been going through the trauma of COVID-19 and the state of Texas has been especially hit the hardest during this time.  Now before I begin to elaborate, I must clear up some misnomers.

First, COVID-19 is real and I recently contracted it in February and I still feel the effects whenever I go to my restaurant job.  I start to feel a bit light headed and the muscles around my neck begins to ache because of how many people are not wearing some form of CPE's or a face mask because that is nearly impossible to do while eating and drink foods and alcohol.  I have taken some safe guards to begin to protect myself by wearing a face mask and disinfecting the face cover everyday after my work shift is over. I also have begun …

Israel’s Hadassah hospital ‘a partner’ in development of Russian coronavirus vaccine, director says
(JTA) — The director of Hadassah hospital in Israel said his institution’s branch in Moscow is a “partner” in the development of what Russian President Vladimir Putin called the world’s first effective coronavirus vaccine.
Dr. Zeev Rotstein was speaking in an interview Tuesday with an Israeli radio station shortly after Putin’s assertion that the vaccine has been successfully tried on humans — including his daughter. Hadassah “is a partner in the clinical trials of the new Russian vaccine,” Rotstein said. “It’s being done at Hadassah’s Moscow branch. We’re examining firstly safety levels, it’ll take time.”
The interviewer, Dr. Aryeh Eldad, a physician and former commander of the Israel Defense Forces’ Medical Corps, asked: “So Putin’s says he already has a vaccine, you’re saying you haven’t finished checking. Which is it?”
Rotstein replied: “We’re doing it si…

The Zionist Jew Sumner Redstone, Real Name: Murray Rothstein, who built billion-dollar media empire that included CBS and Viacom, dies at 97
(JTA) — Sumner Redstone, the Jewish media mogul whose aggressive acquisitions and readiness to resort to litigation led to the creation of an empire that included CBS and Viacom, has died. Redstone died Tuesday at the age of 97.
Born Sumner Murray Rothstein in Boston in 1923, Redstone built the chain of movie theaters his father had started into a global media behemoth that would come to include CBS, Paramount Pictures, Simon & Schuster, MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon.
Redstone served on the executive committee of Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston and was a supporter of a number of other charities mainly focused on health care and higher education. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Redstone began his career in the federal judiciary, but left in the 1950s to work for his father. In the 1960s he began tearing down drive-in theaters owned b…

‘Sad, disappointed, worried’: Madison Cawthorn’s visit to Hitler’s vacation home alarms his NC district’s Jews

(JTA) — The Jewish mayor of Asheville, North Carolina, said it is “very concerning” that the Republican congressional candidate in her district visited Adolf Hitler’s vacation home and referred to him as “the Fuhrer.” The candidate, Madison Cawthorn, is running to represent western North Carolina in Congress. In a 2017 Instagram post from the Eagle’s Nest, Hitler’s vacation home that was one of the last battlegrounds of World War II, Cawthorn referred to Hitler as “the Fuhrer” and said the spot was on his “bucket list,” in addition to calling Hitler a “supreme evil.” Esther Manheimer, the Democratic mayor of Asheville, the 11th Congressional District’s largest city, said the post worried her. She was not alone among the district’s Jews, who said…

In a diplomatic breakthrough, Israel suspends West Bank annexation and United Arab Emirates agrees to normalization
(JTA) — In a diplomatic breakthrough, Israel and the United Arab Emirates are normalizing ties. As part of a peace deal brokered by President Donald Trump, Israel will pause its plans to annex areas of the West Bank, according to a joint statement released Thursday by the White House. “Israel will suspend declaring sovereignty over areas outlined in the President’s Vision for Peace and focus its efforts now on expanding ties with other countries in the Arab and Muslim world. The United States, Israel and the United Arab Emirates are confident that added diplomatic breakthroughs with other nations are possible, and will work together to achieve this goal,” the statement read.
The statement, which referred to the two countries as “two of America…

Pomegranates Help Stroke Recovery

By GMI ReporterEveryone wants to stave-off the cognitive decline that is routinely experienced as we age. What if that decline wasn’t inevitable? As a recent study shows, there is a simple, inexpensive food that not only supports cognitive functions as we age, it can help restore brain function impaired during stroke To a person concerned with the health of plants, polyphenols are endogenous biomolecules that protect the plant against UV radiation and pathogens.[1] What if your concern is optimizing your own health and longevity, and improving the well-being of those you love? You will want to know about polyphenols, too. If you’ve already heard of polyphenols, it’s likely due to their well-known and powerful antioxidant benefits when consumed as part of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. You may have encountered claims about the high polyphenol concentrations in red wine, coffee, and even dark chocolate, touted as a…

Jews Lobby UN to Shut Down ‘Nazi Glorification’ and ‘Holocaust Denial’
WJC Geneva Representative Leon Saltiel spoke at the UN Human Rights Council regarding the need to combat the rise of Nazi glorification, Holocaust denial and distortion. Bitchute link

Niggerhead Nick Cannon Says His Great-Grandfather Was A Sephardic Rabbi

Nick Cannon is learning all about his family tree. The radio personality joined the American Jewish Committee via video chat to discuss what he’s learned in the weeks since his firing from ViacomCBS over antisemitic remarks he made on his podcast. In a surprising turn, the 39-year-old learned that his own great-great grandfather was a rabbi in Spain! Nick again apologized for his hurtful words, saying they “hit home” for his family in a way even he wasn’t previously aware. Don’t expect Nick to be apologizing to White people any time soon.