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The White Idiot Richard Spencer Says He Doesn’t Support Free Speech

Freedom of speech in America is sacrosanct to every law-abiding citizen. Well, expect for National Policy Institute Director Richard Spencer who popularized “campus free speech tours.” Spencer also popularized the term “alt-right,” and often complains about not being able to speak on college campus, but he is not a proponent of free speech, as he stated on his podcast last month on
Spencer was one of the main organizers of the “Unite the Right” rally held in Charlottesville in August of last year, where he led a march of people bearing torches the night before, some of whom were shouting “Jews will not replace us” on the University of Virginia campus. The MSM reports that there were violent clashes with counterprotesters that unfolded the next day at a Charlottesville rally. I would refer anyone that wants to unmask what happened in Charlottesville to check out Renegade Broadcasting owner Kyle Hunt’s work.
Spencer has been on a college speaking tour since the rise of ZOG Emperor Trump, but for what?
Don’t wait for the drum roll! He was covering the stagnant topic of “free speech on campus.” It is a non-issue because the right to freedom of speech anywhere in this country is protected as a creator-endowed right by the highest authority, the 1st Amendment to the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. Because of that, Freedom speech is not open to debate.
These freedom of speech tours are meaningless dog and pony shows. It is also a tactic used by talentless hacks other than Spencer; these irrelevant jewish spokespeople include: Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos and Dave Rubin.
You could say that I am a white Zionist.” ~ Richard Spencer
Spencer has sued universities for event cancellations on First Amendment grounds. There are too many of these cases where Spencer sues universities on the federal level, so I will only discuss the University of Cincinnati and Michigan State University cases in this article.
Back in January of this year a supporter of Spencer sued the University of Cincinnati, claiming the school’s president violated Spencer’s right to free speech.
“A price tag cannot be affixed to the fundamental right of free speech,” said Kyle Bristow, attorney for Spencer supporter Cameron Padgett, who had requested the venue at  University of Cincinnati. “A speech tax does not comport with the United States Constitution and will not whatsoever be tolerated by my client.”
In the same month of this year, Michigan State University allowed Richard Spencer to speak on campus in March, after settling a lawsuit brought by a supporter. Bristow had these statements for the event.
“This is a resounding First Amendment victory for people of the right-wing or alternative-right political persuasion,” …. “It stabs at the very heart of left-wing censorship in academia. I look forward to procuring many more legal victories like this one in the years to come.”
Richard Spencer got his way and his speech at Michigan State was held on March 5, 2018.
The worst part about Spencer’s free speech campus tours is that he doesn’t really believe in the basic human freedom of expressing opinions, outside of those espoused by his Zio-Satanic spiritual leader Aleksandr Dugin.
“Richard Spencer: The Alt-Right Is Not Pro-Free Speech” By Jared Holt reported on May 23, 2018:
Last month, in an episode of the podcast affiliated with the now-defunct, co-host Gregory Conte, who works as director of operations at Spencer’s National Policy Institute, was speaking with Spencer about possible government regulation of social media in response to tech companies suspending alt-right activists from social media platforms. Conte said that he thought the alt-right would favor government regulation of speech in the short term, but seemed uncertain about what the alt-right would support long-term.
I supposed the US Congress should enact the same legislation that occupied “Germany” used on an 89 year old German woman named Ursula Haverbeck that got her tossed in jail (which could be a life sentence due to her elderly age), Freedom of speech, a basic human right, should not be scrapped for the benefit of a Zionist-Stalinists like Spencer.
We are a kind of revolutionary movement that is analogous to the Bolsheviks.” ~ Richard Spencer
Soviet-Zionist agents like Dickie Spencer should be in a cell with those who imprisoned an old sweet lady for stating the obvious truth about the Holo-Hoax. That’s just me being “radically pragmatic”, Dickie.
If I was world Emperor for a day, I’d turn the tables on “Holocaust deny” laws and those laws would be aimed at anyone in a public forum that called for eradication of “freedom of speech” to be hang by their snake tongue along side Spencer.
Spencer is a snake crawling on his belly, leaving a trail of slime wherever he travels. Whatever good that you may hear from that hisssing vipers’ mouth about an “Ethnostate”, remember all that sweet pillow talk from the serpent is a means to an end, for the realization of a Soviet-Stalinist state where Dugin is the head of the Snake. In Dugin’s fantasy world there is no free human expression allowed. The Goyim’s lives will be devoted to working and plowing for the “Chosen” while they get fat off the Goyim’s labor, until the Goyim are no longer useful.

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Enrollment Plummets at Evergreen College Over Anti-White Policies

Social justice policies appear to be backfiring at Evergreen State College as the faculty continues supporting an openly anti-white agenda, but, as One America’s Pearson Sharp explains, students aren’t happy with the school’s apparently racist policies — leading to a massive drop in enrollment.
Renegade Editor’s Note: Interesting how the jewish professor is reported to be White.

Trump Goes Full Neocon as Bolton Adds Fred Fleitz as NSC Chief of Staff

Renegade Editor’s Note: Trump has been full (((Neocon))) from the very start, but especially so after Sheldon Adelson bankrolled his campaign.
By Kurt Nimmo
During the Trump campaign, I wrote a book on the influence of Frank Gaffney, the fringe neocon who has made a career pulling fire alarms, telling us Islam will destroy Western civilization and enslave us to Sharia law.
Earlier this week Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton installed Fred Fleitz as the National Security Council’s executive secretary and chief of staff. Fleitz worked for Bolton at the State Department during the Bush administration. He is a senior staff member at the Center for Security Policy (CPS), a hardline neocon think tank founded by Gaffney. Its raison d’etre is taking out the mullahs in Iran, who are invariably described as “Islamofascists,” and unflattering support for the Israeli Likudnik ethnic cleansers.
According to Gaffney, the only solution to longstanding diplomatic issues between Iran and the US is to bomb the hell out of Iran.
Fleitz is a former CIA analyst. He is the former managing editor of (Langley Intelligence Group Network), a project of the neocon-friendly Newsmax Media group. Advisors to LIGNET included several high-profile neocons, including John Bolton, former Ambassador Otto Reich, and former CIA Director Michael Hayden.
Fleitz is known for telling outrageous fictions, including the accusation Syria may transfer nuclear weapons-related material to Iran or terrorist groups. Mr. Fleitz seems to have forgotten that Syria never had a nuclear weapons program. His 2006 report on Iran’s imaginary nuclear threat was severely condemned by the International Atomic Energy Agency for its “erroneous, misleading, and unsubstantiated information.”
“The fact that Frederick Fleitz, a former CIA officer, was apparently the report’s main author suggests that his effort to undermine confidence in the intelligence community’s estimates regarding Iran is part of a larger campaign that includes many of the same hawks who led the drive to war in Iraq,” writes Jim Lobe. “In addition to working for [Rep. Peter] Hoekstra, a staunch [Bush] administration loyalist, Fleitz served as John Bolton’s special assistant during Bush’s first term. Bolton, then undersecretary of state for international security and arms control, worked particularly closely with neoconservatives in [Dick] Cheney‘s office and the Pentagon to undermine efforts by his nominal boss at the time, Secretary of State Colin Powell, to engage Iran, North Korea, and Syria on a range of issues.”
Fleitz’s report, “Recognizing Iran as a Strategic Threat: An Intelligence Challenge for the United States,” condemns the intelligence community for not backing up his baseless assertions about Iran, including the accusation it worked with al-Qaeda.
The Fleitz appointment underscores the full neocon-ization of the Trump administration and heightens the probability of war with Iran and North Korea.
While there is not yet a full house of neocons in the Trump administration, they are working on it, as this latest appointment demonstrates.
With Mike Pompeo now running the State Department, a Frank Gaffney radical as chief of staff of the NSC, Bolton as special adviser, and Nikki Haley barking and telling lies at the United Nations, we can expect this administration to be worse for sanity and peace than the Bush administration.

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of Donate to ADE Here.

As U.S. Opioid Epidemic Skyrockets, Sea Life Now Testing Positive for Big Pharma’s Oxycodone

By Jack Burns
Researching aquatic life has long been used as a barometer for evaluating pollution levels, and according to a recently published study, opioids are now showing up in the bays in and around Seattle’s Puget Sound—serving as yet another reminder that the United States’ opioid crisis has gotten completely out of control.
Scientists at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) transplanted uncontaminated farmed mussels from Whidbey Island to various locations in the Puget Sound to study pollution levels. According to the Puget Sound Institute (PSI), six out of 18 studied areas showed the mussels had consumed opioids from the area’s waterways.
Trace amounts of Oxycodone were discovered in the mussels’ tissue samples following the study, which was enough for scientists to issue the following warnings.
“You wouldn’t want to collect (and eat) mussels from these urban bays,” explained PSI’s Andy James. Even though the trace amounts are thousands of times smaller than the human dose, the implication is monumental. People in urban areas around the Puget Sound are consuming so many opiates that they are turning up in the waterways. Pollution dangers also exist for fish as well. In fact, opiates are so addictive that even fish show signs of dependency.
According to a recent study involving Zebrafish and opioids, the fish will actually dose themselves with opioids if given the opportunity. PSI says this is the first time opioids have been found in the Puget Sound:
Scientists typically find many chemical compounds in Puget Sound waters, ranging from pharmaceuticals to illicit drugs such as cocaine, but this is the first time that opioids have been discovered in local shellfish. The contaminants in this case are thought to be passed into Puget Sound through discharge from wastewater treatment plants. Even filtered wastewater can include traces of thousands of chemicals known as contaminants of emerging concern (CECs). Runoff from agriculture and stormwater are also common sources of CECs.
Treated wastewater can hardly be called “treated” if it releases CECs into the water supply. But scientists were also quick to point out the commercially available mussels contained no such pollutants and can be consumed with confidence because the shellfish are not contaminated.
Also found in the mussels test was the chemotherapy drug Melphalan, a carcinogen, meaning it can cause the same cancer it is prescribed to kill. According to PSI:
The drug was found at “levels where we might want to look at biological impacts,” said James. The mussels had ingested amounts of Melphalan relative by weight to a recommended dose for humans.
Fighting opioid addiction and overdose is considered a national emergency in the United States. Yet, even with a recent study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, which demonstrated that opiates do not work as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), millions of Americans are either taking opioid prescription drugs or are already addicted to them. This is leading to an overwhelming death toll as overdoses have skyrocketed across the country in recent years.
The study of the mussels should be further cause for alarm. Now, not only are Americans addicted and dying, but our supply of fish is potentially affected. What’s more, the federal government has also been accused of protecting the deadly supply chain. Even the Russians have called out America for its hypocrisy, accusing the U.S. of protecting the opium supply in Afghanistan instead of burning it to the ground.

This article originally appeared on The Free Thought Project.

Review of Joseph W. Bendersky’s “Jewish Threat” – Detailing Antisemitism In The US Military

By John Wear
The “Jewish Threat” by Joseph W. Bendersky is a well-researched and documented book that states that many people in American military intelligence believed in an international Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. In fact, many officers in the Military Intelligence Division (MID) were saying essentially the same thing about Jews as Adolf Hitler did.
Colonel William Godson, one of the American Army’s most valued intelligence officers, wrote from Poland:
The connection between the Jews and the Bolsheviki at Vilna seems to be proven without a shadow of a doubt. When the Bolsheviki entered the city they were taken to the houses of the wealthy by the Jews and apparently had this matter arranged beforehand.”
Godson wrote two years later:
I am so thoroughly convinced of the reality of a Jewish movement to dominate the world that I hate to leave a stone unturned.”[1]
MID File 245 was a special central dossier reserved for data deemed particularly significant to the “Jewish Question.” Bendersky writes:
During the 1920s, File 245 contained letters between officers, secret agents, state secretaries, and embassies abroad exchanging the latest information on Jews. Among these would be interspersed lists compiled of prominent Jews who supposedly dominated or influenced German banking, industry, and politics. Far more numerous lists would be gathered of Jews supposedly controlling the Soviet government as MID became preoccupied with the link between Jews and Bolshevism. Although Zionism and Palestine received attention, much more concern was displayed toward Jewish refugees and immigration to the United States. Certain prominent American Jews, including Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis, Felix Frankfurter, and Rabbi Stephen Wise, were considered sufficiently important to warrant individual scrutiny. Most incredible, though, were lengthy, meticulously documented reports such as “The Power and Aims of International Jewry.”[2]
File 245 and other MID records on Jews were stored with other military intelligence material and kept classified until the mid-1970s.[3]
International Jewish intrigues began to surface within MID during the summer of 1918. An agent linked the Joint Distribution Committee of Jewish War Relief (JDC), the Federal Reserve Board, New York Jewish bankers, and the American Jewish Committee with Jewish financiers and centers of propaganda and spying in Germany. The agent also said that the Jewish Bolsheviks who had seized control of Russia now conspired to overthrow other governments. Almost all of the top leaders in the Soviet government were identified as being Jews.[4]
Other American intelligence officers reported that most Bolsheviki leaders were Jews. MID’s New York office reported
that there is now definite evidence that Bolshevism is an international movement controlled by Jews.”
In Bern, an American agent reported that 90% of those attending secret Bolshevik meetings were Jews. The British Government also obtained evidence that the Bolshevik movement throughout the world is an international conspiracy of Jews.[5]
U.S. General Amos A. Fries told MID’s chief in 1926 that Polish officers believed that Jewish leaders, most disguised behind Russian names, really controlled the Soviet Union. Fries wrote:
[O]f the Russian Congress some 70% were Jews and the remaining 30% were largely figure-heads…real power…was entirely in the hands of the Jews who were in it…for what they could get out of it, and very few members…really believe in the doctrines which they preach.”[6]
It was widely known among U.S. military intelligence leaders that Jews played a prominent role in the Roosevelt administration. For this and other reasons Roosevelt was unpopular among most U.S. army officers. Bendersky writes:
Years later, the wife of Colonel Truman Smith recounted the ‘exultation’ and ‘fierce delight’ in their social and political circle upon hearing the news of Roosevelt’s death. Finally, in her words, ‘The evil man was dead!’ ”[7]
Endowed with “objectionable” hereditary traits preserved by strict inbreeding, a Jew, Moseley wrote, no matter how assimilated, will always remain a Jew, a permanent “human outcast.” Describing Jews as “crude and unclean, animal-like things,” he exclaimed, “it is like writing about something loathsome, such as syphilis.” Insidiously, Jews rise from the underworld to control the economy, then government, making themselves “all-powerful.” Using international finance simultaneously with communism to further their selfish ends, they know no loyalty to any country. In the modern world, their ultimate goal is the “destruction of Christian civilization as we understand it in America today.”[8]
Many military intelligence officers also saw Jews as the force behind World War II. John Beaty was a G-2 officer in Washington between 1941 and 1947 where he edited secret daily intelligence reports. Beaty wrote the book The Iron Curtain over America based on his insights while inside G-2. He charged that World War II was an unnecessary war fostered by Jews. The war was designed to kill as many Germans and Americans as possible by prolonging the war through demands for unconditional surrender and the Morgenthau Plan. The uncivilized bombing of German cities was also designed to mass murder innocent German civilians.[9]
Beaty described the Holocaust as a “fantastic hoax” and United States support for Israel as a policy fiasco. The Iron Curtain over America received strong support from many in the military intelligence community. U.S. General George E. Stratemeyer, for example, said he owed Beaty a great debt, since from Beaty’s book he finally learned what really occurred back home while he was fighting overseas. Stratemeyer said that every loyal American should read The Iron Curtain over America.[10]
Anti-Jewish feelings in the officer corps remained long after World War II. For example, following a lecture at Duke Law School on October 10, 1974, General George S. Brown complained that the power of the Israeli lobby was “so strong you wouldn’t believe it.” The Israelis, Brown stated, say:
Don’t worry about the Congress. Well take care of the Congress.” Now this is somebody from another country, but they can do it. They own, you know, the banks in this country, the newspapers, you just look at where the Jewish money is in this country.[11]
Bendersky concludes the last chapter of his book by writing:
What can be established beyond doubt…is that into the late 1970s and beyond, certain retired officers pursued their crusade to save America from a Jewish threat.”[12]
These retired officers were saying similar things about Jews as Adolf Hitler did when he was in power.
Explore history, without fear or favor, for yourself.
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